Grenade launcher rework

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So i know everyone is fed up of hearing about the grenade launcher, but im gonna give my opinion on what should be done
So first what im gonna say is going to be a massive change from what the grenade launcher is right now, but i think it needs an overhaul because right now. I think everyone can agree its too powerful and does the opposite to what it was made to be, it was made for newer players to stand a chance at raiding veteran players but me and many others think it just doesnt do that, the veteran players know how to counter it while the new players get blown up every 10 mins by it. So what we could do to change it, is lower the price to 5-6 mill remove the fire,damage,prop damage and replace it with the ability to fade fading doors like EMP's, but with a much larger radius and maybe increase the time the doors stay faded this would help the new players raid big bases due to no base being EMP proof, it would give them a fighting chance at getting in the base and getting the loot. you could maybe buy ammo and spawn with 2-3 rounds, it would be a lot less confusing as a new player to understand what it does and how to be prepared for it.
but i know that it would be a pain to add something like this, but this is just my opinion on what should be done to the grenade launcher
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Just got on the website and this is the best post Ive seen about the grenade launcher. I agree with you there needs to be changes and I think that the grenade launcher has been over reacted to its not even that insane. Just have thick walls.....simple
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-rep the grenade launcher doesn't need a "re-work" it is bugged, That's what I got told.. Just need to fix the bug so it only destroys entities such as a fading door.

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It really does need a re work it can blow away new players bases with 1 shot with them having no clue what you have to do to stop it and it is bugged the fire lasts forever but the fact it destroys props it too far it makes raiding bases unfun there is no challenge in clicking the mouse 1 time in the general direction of the base. It just doesnt do what it was made to do it was made to give new players a chance at raiding big bases not for vets to stomp new players thats why i want it to be reworked

it can be made useless if you know how it works i dont want everyone to find out then it being a 9million waste of money

You dont even know what was bugged about it did you
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i think the prop destroyer is a cool feature and it should only be used on megabses or ones with 3 or more players so it cant be used on newer players it ruin their day
agree with the fire and ammo definitely needs to be added and if they nerf it a lot they should put down the price and refund people who bought it

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