Why did I get banned?

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Report Template
Your RP Name Peirson

Your SteamIDSTEAM_1:0:156581603

Who banned you?* No idea

What is the stated reason?* NITRP / Prop abuse / MARDM

Ban Duration?* 2 Wekks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence) I just logged in and went into a store. I see no reason to be banned for 2 weeks also I did none of that.


Unbanned. My mistake.

While you were omitting a lot of details here, you coming on here to appeal proves me wrong.
You tried proppushing people, never switched away from Citizen- i'd been spectating you for a while. When the first thing you did was look for a gunstore i assumed you were planning to MRDM like had happened so many times before.
Your general attitude and the way you spoke to other players all gave me bad jubies and my mingesense is rarely wrong - i supposed this might be one of those cases where it is.
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I said hey man to the store owner if that's a bad attitude then what is bad attitude... Also pointing out I was blown up


Closed. You have already been unbanned.
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