reconnecting rather than leaving to avoid RP


It's in the handbook, but not in the rules; if i recall correctly Dawg added it in there a while ago.

When people you raid(ed) leave and you don't get your printers; sure, that's frustrating for you. 

But please consider that it's another player, another human being that you're raiding. Try to put yourself in that players' shoes.
You just finished your base and you're starting to earn back the money you spent on printers/bitminers/upgrades. You don't have a lot of money, either. 
And then it happens - a pay-to-win Thief Juggernaut shows up, blowing open your doors with EMP grenades, destroying your walls with grenade launchers, or cracking through your keypads at an alarming rate with a keypad cracker on steroids that you only get to use if you donated. You try to defend your base and land one or two shots but soon you get shot five times in one second by a shotgun the raider doesn't even need to aim to use. 

You feel defeated. This happened before - they took all your printers, and then took out your bitmining servers one by one and shot them, just to rub it in. They put the printers in their own base, and you weren't able to spawn ny printers anymore because you were at the limit. You tried going Thief to get them back, but... your lockpick and keypad cracker were way too slow, your weapons were way too bad, and the basers' base has all kind of scummy basing tricks to make it impossible to raid in the first place, even for people that *do* have the pay-to-win job.

That was horrible. This isn't any fun. I came here to have fun, and now these people are ruining my experience. Urgh, i'll just play another game...

Before you start talking about them ruining your experience by not giving you their printers- it takes both a severe lack of empathy and some next-level pettiness to try and get them banned over that, which (with all due respect) was likely what was going through Dawg at the time of sneaking it into the punishment list. Don't be surprised if you use pay-to-win jobs and cheap strategies to overpower someone and they think this is unfair to the point where they don't want to play anymore. Because it is unfair, and you can't hold them accountable for that stuff.

Reconnecting is a different story. That is abuse, and that does warrant a (verbal)warning/ban/them spawning the printers in again and giving them to the raider. I've mostly been saying if they reconnect within one hour it's considered LTARP, and that seems to be a pretty decent timeframe so far.

Please add the reconnecting to avoid RP to the actual rules and change the leaving to avoid RP in the guidelines to reconnecting to avoid RP.

Thoughts are welcome.



RTARP (Reconnecting to avoid RP) - 1 day - 1440 minutes - Ban

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