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Bring back the old Hitmen

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This thread regards the changes to the hitmen and assassins in the most recent update. The new changes made it so that you no longer went up to the hitman/assassin and placed the hit. Now you go to your nearest hit phone and placed the hit on the person. I think this should be reverted back to the original method because of many reasons. The players are more reluctant to place hits as there are only so many on the map. Also, Stompychar’s ingenius £30 personal role is ruined. The new distance counter should be kept though as it makes business easier.
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There' several reasons why i think the new system is better hit-ordering-wise; i disagree with the notion that less hits are being placed.

1. Hitmen can no longer place hits themselves.
A common problem used to be two hitmen/assassins teaming up and giving eachother hits to complete. Neither of them are losing money since they just earn back through the other hitman's hits. Also on a smaller scale, people doing hits-for-hits when they ran into eachother. It was a very creative way to MRDM, but i'm glad this thing is over with the new system.

2. Random hits are placed automatically.
New hits on random persons will appear automatically. Even when no-one is placing hits, hitmen always have something to do. These pay a generous sum ($7500) so that hitmen can actually earn money.

3. Hitmen can no longer go around begging people to place hits on them.
This used to annoy me so much. They'd harass you until you gave them a hit. No longer possible. I feel sorry for Stompy though, since i loved his laundromat ;-;

4. It adds competitiveness to the Hitman job.
If you want the hit, you've gotta click it quick. It's not just being in the right place or knowing the right people. You know where the person is, and you've gotta carry it out quick before it disappears.

5. There's a Hit Phone next to spawn!
This means a lot of hits from people who are pissed off they just got killed by a certain person. More hits are being placed, not less. Players with cash to spare might just want to annoy their friend and place a hit on them every time.


i agree and disagree with this as i think you should be able to place hits on the hitman himself (i mean in person) if this does happen then it should be made so you don't have to stay still for them to place hits
Another thing hitman's should not be able to see when hits and placed on them as its not rp and just makes them camp and kill any hitman they see
but other than that i think the new system is great and looks good


The only reason I agree with this is for poor stompy, his role is kinda messed up as others can take a hit meant for stompy.
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I agree with remora's points


To be fair to stompy, he is making it work quite well, although, can't help but feel bad for the guy.... I just don't see any benefits from the old hit system.
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Remora, people still moan at you to place hits, that doesn't matter, new system or not.
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I think the new hitmen system is great! With the old one there would be times where people would crash when accepting the hit, So I think the new one should stay.


New system is good. It lets every hitman have a chance to get a hit, and it is unbiased in a way that if ur friend is a hitman you don't only place hits from him. So it's just a bit fair and you don't have to chase hitmen down too. You know where the phone boxes are


Why remove it, it adds a global hitman system, its fun to battle around whos going to get the hit first, or who will accept faster.

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