Improved Stacker


Who is this suggestion targeted at?
>> Builders

What is your main suggestion?
>> Improved Stacker tool (or at least make the current one able to reset offsets)

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> Better stacker tool.

As I mentioned earlier, the main gripe I have with the current stacker tool is it's not possible to reset the offsets, which means if you change one of the offsets you can't seem to set them back to 0 again, so you always have these annoying small shifts, especially when you use it for a lot of consecutive props. I checked the forum history & saw it was mentioned before and turned down because it had an exploit that could apparently crash the server? Maybe there has been an update on that already, and if not the dev of the improved stacker seems to actively improve it & seems to take bug reports. If the issue is still there, maybe you could take it up with him & get it ironed out?


Hi! To reset the offset thingo, you can click on the actual number and then set it to 0 (by inserting it manually). I understand why you'd like another variant of Stacker, though, and if the kinks can be worked out this would be great.


i hate having to reset them all the time and aslo they should make it like the improved so you can just selec something change ot around then place it.
what i mean is you can stack anywhere to a flat surface like a floor or another prop


I dont leik the current stacker
I prefer this one
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+rep prefer this stacker instead of stacker v2
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Set the offset to -0.6


(16-07-2018, 10:25 PM)Neldonax Wrote: Set the offset to -0.6

I have and it's an absolute mess


(16-07-2018, 10:28 PM)VRN|Laserman Wrote:
(16-07-2018, 10:25 PM)Neldonax Wrote: Set the offset to -0.6

I have and it's an absolute mess



Well there is a button to reset the offsets but it was broken in an update not so long back Big Grin
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Accepted. Stacker Improved has since been added to hawk.
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