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New tools - Elevator


It would be cool to have elevator tool. You can have moving doors and stuff.


no, just no

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yes please 


ps. were watching a movie, dont remember what tho

but i made these with just the winch tool, it doesnt work now since the props freeze when you let them go ;(
[Image: 76561198036235656.png]


Well if it is implemented in the right way it could be useful, with some regulations too. Since it would be very easy to abuse it


I feel elevators will make people want to do sky bases more...
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Agree with blast, well then we'd need to make the rule like up higher on the list of rules to try show people, since new people to the server tend to just go off the rules of an old server.


Alright you lazy fricks, you can already do elevators.

Just make one using winch in sandbox, dupe it then use it


Most bases are in the default buildings, no use for elevators in that case.
But when it comes to mega-bases & roof bases, these things are a death trap.


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