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For the past 3 days I've been trying to view the rules but once the !motd, !rules tab popped up there was nothing written into it, A admin recommended to try the forums and try the link there but it only leads to the start of the forums and nothing else. Any help is appreciated such as a rules copy


Here's a copy paste

Hawk Servers Rules
By playing Hawk Servers, you accept to follow all these rules and accept the Terms of Service

Global Rules
- English is the core language used on the server - using another language may result in a kick.
- Do not do anything to harm the server or otherwise exploit it.
- Give respect to earn respect. All players must be respected.
- Racism is strictly forbidden.
- Do not promote religious or political viewpoints, keep it to yourself or privately.
- Please do not express your anger on the server - no one wants to deal with it.
- Don't post any NSFW content, young people play on the server.
- Don't spam - very annoying, this includes ear rape.
- Causing drama may result in a ban.
- You may be muted/banned for posting malicious links.
- Bullying is dealt with strictly, punishments vary.
- Don't have disrespectful / inappropriate usernames or profile pictures.
- Advertising the selling of things ingame for real money is not allowed and will result in a ban.
- Where rules to not prevail, common sense shall.

General Rules
- Do not RDM - Random Deathmatch - This is when you damage or kill a player without a valid reason.
- Do not break NLR - New Life Rule - You forget events which have occured in your past life. You cannot return back to your death position for 3 minutes.
- Do not Metagame - Using OOC (out of character) to deliver RP messages.
- Do not argue in OOC.
- Do not break FearRP / FailRP - Pretty much don't do something stupid like running away at gun point or pulling out a gun at gun point.
- Do not spam textscreens or microphone.
- [NEW] Dropping perma weapons - Anyone coutght doing this will have the weapon removed and not refunded!.

Adverting Rules
- You are not allowed to use Multi-Purpose adverts - e.g /advert Raid / Mug 5k or die / PD Raid / Bank Raid.
- All crimes must be adverted, this mostly consists of Raid, Mug, Kidnap and Steal.
- Adverting crimes can be done with either: /advert , /ad or /crime .

Counter Rules
- Cooldown: 10 minutes.
- You must advert counter.
- You may only counter for someone who is in your clan or someone you are basing with.
- Government jobs DO NOT need to advert counter, nor is there a cooldown.

Building Rules
- If your base is being built, you must put a 'building' textscreen visible at all entrances / exits (you cannot have anything illegal within your base with a building sign).
- You must own all the doors in the property / area you have claimed.
- You can propblock only when a building sign is present and you must be acitively building in the base.
- You can only use a maximum of 3 fading doors for the entrance of your base.
- One fading door entity counts as one fading door. This means you can't stack two fading doors with the same keypad to make it EMP or police proof..
- Nocollided props are only allowed as doors or as decorations (eg. nocollided flower bushes in a garden) and it has to be clear that a certain prop is a nocollided door. You may only have one nocollided prop door at maximum.
- Any participants in a base, or the owner itself, cannot shoot through a prop that has any way to see through it while the raider cannot.
- There has to be 2 x 2 player's worth of room for a raider to move in between two doors.
- All keypads and buttons must be visible.
- You cannot shoot people at an unfair angle. This means that you can see their foot while they cannot shoot you.
- Bases meant to confuse players are not allowed (this means no hidden or fake keypads, mazes and etc.. | they must all be visible).
- A raider has to be able to get to your raidables without jumping or crouching once.
- You cannot build in places which have already been claimed by someone else beforehand.
- All keypads must open a fading door for a minimum of 4 seconds and buttons must be set on toggle.
- You may use your key to open fading doors, however, if you are being raided, this is not allowed.
- You cannot shoot through any one ways - shooting through one ways which can be disabled with a button is also still considered a one way..
- You can only use KOS signs for going past a certain area. The area must not be extended as far as 3 players from your base.
- If a player leaves the KOS area for more than 3 seconds, you cannot shoot them.
- Bases will need to be modified if staff deem that it is unfair as long as they can justify their conclusion.

Base Rules
- The only big area of a map you can take is the industrial area - anywhere else is not allowed.
- Tunnel bases are allowed, however, there must be space for at least 2 people to go through 1 gap.
- Sky bases are not allowed.
- You cannot base on top of the fountain.
- You can only take up 1 building unless it is the industrial area.
- Roof bases are allowed as long as there are stairs to get to them.
- You can only own 1 base.

Raiding Rules
- Cooldown: 10 minutes (15 for the same person).
- You must /advert or do /crime before raiding.
- Raids can only last for a maximum of 8 minutes.
- You can kill everyone inside the property you are raiding, however, you cannot kill people near the base (basically you can only kill people who are part of the base or within the area).
- You cannot raid while there is a building sign on the base, nor can a person with a building sign raid.
- You are not allowed to use props during a raid or raid from another base.
- You must be raiding the base. This means you cannot advert raid just to kill the base participants.
- You cannot raid tramps or DJs.
- You can only use explosives to destroy bases when your raiding!.
- [NEW] Grenade launchers can only be used on bases outside of buildings (on roofs, in tunnels, on the streets etc) to destroy props or walls, and may not be used to damage players.

Kidnapping Rules
- Cooldown: 20 minutes (45 for the same person).
- You must /advert or do /crime before kidnapping.
- Hostages can only be held for 10 minutes - after that they may be killed or released.
- You may only kidnap someone under gunpoint - if you are holding a knife, they can retaliate with their own weapon.
- People who are together must follow the 60 minute cooldown for the same person (i.e gangs).
- The hostage must be accessable through keypads and battering rams (both!).
- You cannot kidnap tramps or an AFK person.
- You must ask for a ransom of maximum $40,000.

Mugging Rules
- Cooldown: 5 minutes (15 for the same person).
- You must /advert or do /crime before mugging.
- You must give up to 15 seconds for someone to drop their money.
- You may only mug someone under gunpoint - if you are holding a knife, they can retaliate with their own weapon.
- People who are together must follow the 20 minute cooldown for the same person (i.e gangs).
- You can only mug 1 person at a time, not a group of people.
- Reverse mugs are not allowed.
- You cannot mug tramps, AFK person or Government (mayor is not included).
- The maximum mug amount is $5000, if someone cannot afford that, just let them go you sad piece of shit.

Citizen Rules
- You cannot use any weapon other than a pistol.
- You may own a house with a maximum of 2 fading doors.
- You cannot do anything illegal.

DJ Rules
- Do not play anything sexual.
- Your music must not be able to be heard at spawn.
- You must stay in a certain location.
- You cannot do anything illegal.
- You cannot base, however, you may own a little DJ stand on the streets.
- Don't play earrape music.

Doge Rules
- You cannot possess a weapon other than a knife.
- You may be claimed as a pet by someone.
- You are not allowed to base unless you are a pet of someone.
- You can make a little shelter and sit in it and wait to be claimed.
- You can assist raids but can only use your knife.

Security Rules
- You may be hired to protect an area by anyone.
- You cannot do anything illegal, however, you may print in the property of the person who hired you.
- You cannot kill anyone who is not doing anything to harm the place you are protecting.
- You are not allowed to base on your own but you may be part of the place you have been hired from.

Farmer Rules
- You cannot do anything illegal, however, you may print.
- You can base with other people.

Tramp Rules
- You are only allowed to build on the streets.
- You cannot build anything massive, anything deemed too big for a tramp by a Staff must be removed.
- You are not allowed to possess any weapon other than a knife.
- You cannot do anything illegal.
- Feel free to own a pet.
- Your main role is to beg for money, whatever you build must represent that you are homeless and poor.
- You cannot use Keypads.
- Your area cannot contain a dumpster or an NPC.

Mayor Rules
- You must not have bullshit laws such as 'Jaywalking is illegal' - if a Staff deems that a law is stupid, then he may ask you to remove it.
- Default laws are good enough, you may sell things such as gun licenses and etc...
- You cannot form a dictatorship.
- You cannot enforce laws.
- You may build in the PD as long as the Keypad settings are set to 'CP's Allowed'.
- You are not allowed to do anything illegal such as owning printers.
- You cannot be part of any base.
- You are not allowed to own any doors.

Police / SWAT Rules
- You must warn someone before enforcing the laws, this does not mean you must advert but feel free to do so.
- You cannot be a corrupt cop.
- You must enforce laws.
- (ONLY SWAT GENERAL AND POLICE CHIEF) You may build in the PD as long as the Keypad settings are set to 'CP's Allowed'.
- You are not allowed to do anything illegal such as owning printers.
- You cannot be part of any base.
- You are not allowed to own any doors.
- You cannot raid anyone unless you are almost certain that they have something illegal inside their property.
- Before enforcing a warrant, please do /advert Police Raid or something along the lines of that.
- You cannot help people raid PD or Bank.
- You are not allowed to place hits.
- You may break NLR during PD / Bank raids.
- SWAT are mostly liable to protect the PD while police should generally be protecting the streets - they may assist eachother.
- You must have a valid reason to make someone wanted or put a warrant on them.
- Do not revenge arrest someone, whenever you are killed, all things you had against them are void.
- You are not allowed to excuse your clan for breaking the law.

Secret Service Rules
- You are the specialised person who should be protecting the mayor.
- You are not meant to enforce laws.
- You must stay with the mayor at all times.
- You cannot base nor do anything illegal.

Bloods / Crips Rules
- You are two opposing gangs, bloods vs crips.
- Bloods may start a gang war against the Crips which may only last 5 minutes.
- There is a cooldown of 30 minutes between each gang war.
- All Members must follow their leader.
- You cannot base with the opposing job.

Hitman / Assassin Rules
- You can raid to get to your target.
- You are not allowed to do anything illegal other than fullfill your hit and raid.
- You cannot base nor can you own doors.
- (ASSASSIN ONLY) You may do a hit and run which allows you to kill someone at a close range and then make a runner. You can do this every 15 minutes, 45 minutes for the same person.

Gangster / Mob Boss / Thief / Chav / Custom Job Rules
- You cannot do private hits, this role is only for the hitman job.
- You be very naughty.

Terrorist Rules
- You must advert before starting a terror attack.
- Once you are arrested or killed, your terror is over.
- Terrorists must obey their leader.
- You must wait 20 minutes before doing another terror.
- You may only target Government members or anyone inside the PD.

Weaponry Dealer
- You can only self supply SMGs or pistols.
- You must have a store, you cannot base and work for others.
- You can add a maximum of $10,000 to each item for profit.
- Do not be a fag and scam people.
- You cannot do anything illegal besides owning printers.
- You may have a security guard.

- Under Development...

- Playing Hawk Servers means that you accept the following.
- Most PUBLIC information of players are stored and we can decide what to do with it.
- There is a possibility you are banned from the server, however, they can be appealed.
- All cheaters will be dealt with strictly.
- Assisting banned users to have access to the server results in a Community Ban (this includes alting and etc...).
- Not following the rules will result in a punishment.
- DDOS Threats / DOXing Threats or doing the actions = perma ban.
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Will get tasid/stubbo to take a look at this. For now, use Jorymo's as it is the full rules.
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