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Prolockpick // Prokeypadcracker


This is just something I got off the top of my head. Making the prokeypadcracker and prolockpick purchasable and availible with criminal rank. Since the vanilla ones are quite slow.


The donator jobs actually have a Pro Lockpick/Keypadcracker, don't know if you meant add them or make it availible for non-donators
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I don't know about giving everyone the pro ones, I'd rather make the default ones a bit faster, as I have to agree they're really slow.
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I meant like perma items from store, make em expensive and shit. Since we have guns, why not lockpicks etc..


People buy donator for that kind of stuff. Allowing anyone to get it seems a bit off.
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Ahh fair enough, but anyway to make vanilla ones faster, you feel super exposed sitting outside a house for a year. But cheers for responses


Sure, tiny quality-of-life changes or maybe super small buffs for donators is fine, but pay-to-win shit like the lockpicks/crackers speed is now compared to the pro ones is insane. They should be purchaseable from weaponry dealers at a reasonable price. Literally no-one except normal hitmen and i think Terrorists buy crackers and lockpicks since everyone spawns with them, give them a reason to visit the weaponry Dealer.
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Closed. The reason of the pro ones are to be faster. I will talk to tasid and see if he wants to make the default one slightly faster.
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