Trident's Application For Staff

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Steam Name
>> The Peters Family

In-Game Name
>> Trident

Preferred Name
>> Trident

Current In-Game Rank
(user, supporter, premium)
>> Premium

SteamID (*
>> STEAM_0:1:83577549

Date of Birth*
>> 07/02/2004

>> 14

>> Male

>> Scotland

>> UTC

Total Playtime (screenshot is required)

Total Warnings (screenshot is required)

Have you been banned previously? (yes / no)
>> No

Are you active on the Website? (yes / no) [such information is checked, lying will result in an instant denial]
>>  I have only started using it recently but I would say I am decently active now

What is your Discord username?*
>> Trident#5876
Do you have a Microphone? (yes / no)*
>> Yes

Do you have any relatives who play on this server? (yes / no - if yes, please state their username)
>> No

What days are you able to play?*
>> Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

How long can you play on the days you are available?*
Monday -  5 hours
Wednesday - 6 hours
Thursday - 5 hours
Friday - 5 hours
Saturday - 5 hours
Sunday - 8 hours

Do you know how to use ULX? (yes / no)*
>> I know a decent amount, some of the commands I know are: 
!xban - Brings up a window so you can ban a person.
!kick - Kicks the person with an optional reason.
!warn - Warns the target with a reason.
!jail - Makes the chosen player jailed for an optional length of time.
!unjail - Unjails the chosen player.
!return - Returns the chosen player to their original location
!bring - Brings the chosen player to the user.
!mute/unmute - Makes the chosen player muted or unmuted.
!cloak/uncloak - Makes the user invisible or returns them back to normal.
!goto - Moves the user to the chosen player.
!slay - Kills the chosen player.
!banid - Bans the selected SteamID.
!noclip - Gives the user the ability to fly through walls.
!god/ungod - Makes the user invincible or puts them back to normal.

Why should we hire you? (be detailed, minimum 1 paragraph)*
>> My experience with being staff may only be a month or two on a now shut down server. However I know a decent amount of ULX and I am a fast learner that really wants this position and I would work harder than I've ever worked before at trying to become the best staff I can be. I also am not going to brush over my 8 warns as I know this brings second thoughts to some. I acquired the majority of my warns (7 out of 8) during my first month of playing this server. This also happened to be my first time back on Gmod in 2 years so I didn't 100% think about the situations I was putting myself into. I am not trying to excuse my warns by saying they were not deserved and I did them accidentally, I am simply going to say that these were mistakes and I hope that you can forgive me for them. I also would like to say that every time I have been put into the situation of a sit I have been honest and never have and never will be dishonest to a staff member. I truly believe that am a better player that is still getting better everyday. My game time may only be 122 hours however I can and would add to that significantly if I were to be put into the position of a staff member because I extremely enjoy hawk and the community and feel like I could make hawk an even better place.

Explain what we expect from you (minimum 1 paragraph)*
>> You can expect a very active, hard working member of staff that would be willing to help anyone that is in need no matter the situation. You can also expect an honest staff member that would never use any of his abilities and permissions in a malicious way towards any member of hawk servers. I would do everything by the book and to the tee, I would give reasonable and fair punishments without any form of bias. You can expect a key asset to making the community a better place that is fun for everyone.You can also expect a member of staff that listens to every side of the story and take sits in a controlled disciplined manner. One of the other tings you expect of me, and probably one of the most important, is maturity.

Anything else you feel like including
>> Just that I hope you have a nice day Smile

What does 4 cubed + 4 squared  equal to?*
>> 80

Referrer(s) (staff only)
>> BMO
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- Good detail.
- You have quite some referrers.
- Decent playtime.
- ULX knowledge.
- Aye another Scotsman? Mon' then mate!


- A lot of warns.

Overall I think the positives weigh out the negatives here and this application is really good, I give it a +REP. Good luck mate.
Former Staff
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+rep from me!
-lots of detail in paragraphs
-lots of referrals ( add me 2)
-appear to be very active
-very friendly and easy to talk to

overall, I think you could make a great addition to the staff team Smile
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Account is 13 days old and has 42 posts
Most of 'why should we hire you' is about your warns

+/- neutral
Warns are high but none are active

Paragraphs are detailed
Playtime is good
Ulx knowledge is there
Availible hours are there.

So in conclusion the + weigh out the - by a little bit. So its a +rep from me. Good luck mate!


The only problem is, you recently told me you were starting your own server right? You can't have your own server while being staff on hawk.
Ex-Senior Admin (Resigned mid-may 2018)



Friendly in-game.
Follows the rules.
Very active.
Good detail.

Big old +rep from me! Goodluck!


(20-07-2018, 02:54 PM):O Wrote: The only problem is, you recently told me you were starting your own server right? You can't have your own server while being staff on hawk.

To clarify, the server never got anything past a light discussion and what not serious. I was scrapped not long after I asked you if you were interested in helping me. I would never try to have another server and be staff on this server sorry for the confusion.
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Accepted - welcome to the team! ^-^
Yours faithfully,

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