Grenades / Launchers


Grenades / Launchers

Now that i have took an intrest in basing it keeps getting blown up! Either by minges setting fire to it or raiders. There is no way to get rid of the fire and is permanent.  So i have to reset  by base with advanced dupe or take 10 minutes welding it. My two suggestions are to find a solution to not make it non-stopping or Add a job maybe called Fire Men/Women and add an extinguisher. Just please make the fire stop somehow?! 

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there are ways to make fire useless same with the prop damage you can make it do nothing but fuck over the attackers it also cant be used inside for no good reason it needs an overhaul from where it is right now

it was meant to help new players raid the more experienced players not blow them up every 10 mins it needs a change to what it does like make it shoot emps or something not grenades it just doesnt do anything right now
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