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Me and my friend Cadge just thought of this and we thought it would be nice if there was an extra currency that could be purchased through IRL money which can be used for a number of things. For example, you can buy unique titles or accessories just with this currency. I also think it would help out the server with some extra money (wink wink)
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We are able to purchase in game money on the store but creating more items that are not accessible without a paywall may create more complaints.


No please, this is a gmod server not an EA game
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No need for more p2w, the current money system is enough.


I think cosmetic items with credits that you can either purchase or earn for logging on daily (like superior servers) would be great, but there should absolutely not be pay-to-win stuff involved ;-;


Closed. I see little purpose of this due to the fact you can just use the irl money you bought the "credits" with to just use the money and buy the cosmetics?
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