Generic Dorange Ump Application

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Steam Name*
Generic Dorange Ump

In-Game Name*
Generic Dorange Ump

Preferred Name
Generic or Fish - I don't really care.

Current In-Game Rank*
(user, supporter, premium)

SteamID (*


Date of Birth*
February 15th 2003





Total Playtime (screenshot is required)*
2 days 41 mins- couldn't get a screenshot to work but i can send on discord

Total Warnings (screenshot is required)*
1 - - couldn't get a screenshot to work but i can send on discord

Have you been banned previously? (yes / no)*

Are you active on the Website? (yes / no) [such information is checked, lying will result in an instant denial]*

What is your Discord username?*

Do you have a Microphone? (yes / no)*

Do you have any relatives who play on this server? (yes / no - if yes, please state their username)

What days are you able to play?*
Every single day.

How long can you play on the days you are available?*
All day and night on weekends and around 5-6 hours on week days.

Do you know how to use ULX? (yes / no)*
Not really, this is all I know
!kick [player]

!bring [player]

!go to [player]

!ban [player] [time] [reason]


Why should we hire you? (be detailed, minimum 1 paragraph)*
I love this server. It has given me so much entertainment so I would like to give back to the servers. Also, all of the staff are very kind and I would like to help them moderate the rules.
In addition, I will massively help maintain and regulate the server rules in order to make everything more fun and well-done for the playerbase. I hope to make everything as good as it can
possibly be by helping out everyone. Furthermore, my timezone is quite good for the server and I am on the majority of the time when the server is most populated so I will be able to assist
alot more with moderation ect ect. I also believe I am moderately mature so I will be able to handle most of the things thrown in my way.

Explain what we expect from you (minimum 1 paragraph)*
You should expect from me, no trolling, fun, serious moderation, help and guidance with anything that I can help with. Furthermore, I will be on every day and will hopefully be there at all times when I am needed.(Of course not at like 3am)
You should expect me to not be racist or to judge my decisions on how I dislike someone or how I think of them.

Anything else you feel like including
I will hope I don't let the team down! 

What does 4 cubed + 4 squared  equal to?*

Referrer(s) (staff only)
Kai, Kenny, Joelt, Johnzy , Zak20 and Temmzie
Big Boi Ex Staff


- Try to add some more detail to your "Why should we hire you?" as your first couple sentences aren't very relevant.
Yours faithfully,


Edited for you my bb tyler


Neutral. You basically post farmed most of your posts with short and not really needed replies/threads.

Apart from that not many issues in game, and some good detail.
Blast - Community Manager
Please +rep or your triple gay
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Yeah, ik Blast I really wanted to get staff so I just rushed the 20 posts bit. Sorry about that but I was desperate haha.


KEwl dude
Good app
Seen ingame

Rushed 20 posts 

Overall +Rep
Good luck
Your Gay Staff Member <3 

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good application but could add more detail
barely any warns
-did apparently post farm but did admit it and i'm sure he will change

overall +rep


Active a lot
Never had a problem with him
Seen him enforce rules on people without being staff and then ask for staff help if the player does not comply


-Fun boi
-Knows his rules
-Detailed aplication
-1 warn so that's good
-sounds 60
-good playtime

+/- Neutral
-Apparently post farmed, but it is hard to get posts

Overall +REP



Seems like a nice and helpful guy from what ive seen of him
Ive never had a problem with him
Very active and only one warn
Seems like a good staff member to me
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