Fading door entity hardlimit of 3


Staff inactivity has been through the roof lately, and people seem to think demoting the inactive staff is going to fix this issue without looking at what is making these staff members inactive.

Part of the problem, for me, anyways, is that i have to do the same sits over and over again, knowing that i wouldn't have to argue with someone for 10 minutes if we just mechanically enforced these rules by putting a hardlimit on the amount of fading door entities per player. 

3 fading door entities and that's it. No more scummy fading shooting windows- if people want to use those, they'll have to sacrifice a door. No more players using 4 fading doors or otherwise using more fading doors than allowed, not on their own anyways. No more double fading doors. 

I'm talking like, entity limit. People can't have more than three fading door entities in the world at a time. Mechanically enforced.

This is going to cut back on a lot of nasty basing tricks, and will do a great job at lightening the load for us staff members. 
Mechanical restrictions are always better than rules that need to be enforced.

"But fading windows are fair, people can see us when we can see them!"
Why do you use them in the first place, then? You know damn well that your cursor will already be on the raiders' head before you remove the window, and you'll be waiting for the raider to try to keypad crack, when they're standing perfectly still. They'll be dead in under a second, never even having known a fading window opened. They don't know what the fading window is, they don't know where behind the fading door you're going to stand, they don't know when the fading windows are going to open- and you, as baser, know all of these things! Sure, defenders should have an advantage, but you can't fight back against things like these as raider. It's not fun. It's not fair.

A rule was recently added saying they were allowed, but... i really feel that could only stay with the hardlimit mentioned above.

Thoughts are welcome.


I think that is quite a good idea it makes raiding more fun and an actual challenge rather than the death sentence it is right now, it makes the defender still have the advantage while giving the raider a chance at winning
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thank you BMO - i agree, people keep saying they should have advantage as defenders but they do have that advantage, even without their overpowered bases :c


+rep I didn't understand when the new rule came in about being able to use fading doors as 1 way windows with buttons. The prop should be blacklisted with a max of 3 fading doors. Completely agree.


You know the first thing people is going to do is make their buddy add the fading windows right? "there's only 3 fading doors, windows don't count" is still going to happen all the same


(25-07-2018, 06:30 AM)VRN|Laserman Wrote: You know the first thing people is going to do is make their buddy add the fading windows right? "there's only 3 fading doors, windows don't count" is still going to happen all the same

I'm aware, but it's going to make it a lot less likely, and the amount of sits related to fading door abuse/failbases will still be decreased greatly. Sad


Will change the entirety of basing, 3 fading doors is all we need and more than enough.
[& give us a tool like the keypad checker one that checks for fading door entities]


Closed. Tasid said that it will make protecting a base on your own much harder due to emp's etc.
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