Disable bullet penetration on metal props


If it's not possible to do it on metal props specifically (but i remember some per-material config option), then just disable it altogether. But players are still shooting through storefront props, and players that get killed in bases that have storefront props still call sits about it. Bullet penetration is neat but it only really gets used by wallhackers or one-wayers (shooting through doors is an exception, and should stay if possible). 

Lighten the load and staff will be keener on being on the server.


The only bullet penetration we need should work on props that bullets would penetrate irl. Wood, fences, bookshelf - not a fucking cement wall or metal.
For the walls actually, can we make it so only the .50 cal sniper can penetrate? it would make much more sense and it's not a rifle that can demolish the player in the other side so quickly.


Tasid said he will look at some of the bigger metal props that you can shoot through and make it otherwise. On hold.
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