Add command for warns

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You'd need to look at someone, and it would specifically mention the person you were warning in chat. I made a command like this for Raven and it worked great. It'd even play voicelines that only the person being warned and the person warning could hear, and there were barely any warn-related RDM sits. It would put three warnings in chat, and you could include your own message, and after the third warn there was another message that said you could open fire.

This would lighten the load for staff members, make them more likely to actually play since it's not just easily avoidable chores that they're doing, and help take care of the current staff inactivity problems.

ALSO PLEASE INCLUDE LOCATION IN LOGS. ;-; Would be great to see that people warning others are actually following the people they're warning (or the other way around).


+rep makes it slot earied plus having another section in the logs would make it a lot waited to take some sits.


+rep it is a really good idea but some people’s audio doesn’t work but idc


As long as these have logs, it's perfect. The warn system will be more direct and simple.


Closed. It's easier to just have you either use advert or yell if you don't want to clog up the chat.
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