ATMOS Time & Weather Addon


You guys should definetely put the ATMOS addon on the server! Example: It cycles through night & day. Events like rain/thunderstorms/snow can happen at any given time.

I think it will add to the realism of the server in its current state.

Sincerely, Mark (lagaffe)


I remember that we had it for a while but I don't remember why it was removed, I don't think that it would improve the server too much tho
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But i'm just saying. Not a change. But more realism, isn't that what DarkRP is about? Not about the experience, well kind of it is, but more about the feeling of real life.


Well in fairness darkrp isn't the realest thing ever. And as of currently i have a potato pc, so if it were thunder w/ rain my pc would commit not alive.


rain sucks ass -rep
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But still, even the slightest things can make a difference, and its more in the experience of the player, not the owners.. DO NOT TAKE THAT WRONG.. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT...The admins need to make players enjoy themselves, and also i'm running 60fps on a GTX 550Ti, nothing is impossible my guy. EDIT: You can turn off rain and snow btw.


DarkRP is everything but realistic. Respawning and two minute jail sentences are not realistic.

I like pretty looking weather as much as the next guy but it might cause performance issues for some users. Maybe adding it in as a toggle-able option would be rad, but i'm not sure if you can let clients toggle this kind of thing themselves.


Yea server lags enough as is, would not want this


Day and night would be enough, rains wouldn't be nice for everyone - considering it can effect fps...


I honestly don't think it will be added but your name is the reason

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