cooldown on EMP use


Add a cooldown on EMP throwing. Doesn't have to be long, 30 seconds are fine. Just to prevent people from equipping multiple EMPs and steamrolling somebodies' base all by themselves. Maybe an EMP makes all fading doors in a wide radius (not just the one it opened) EMP-proof for 30 seconds instead - this would also prevent bigger groups from using several EMPs. 

This wouldn't make the EMP useless or redundant, as people could still use it on the final door to get in quicker, or use it on the first one to get a headstart.


+rep forcing more people to have to use the kedoad cracker makes so much more sense. Adds more of a more planned out feel needing to go into a road with one person shooting and one person cracking.


the entire point around emps grenades are to not use the keypad cracker but to get in quickly. Maybe make it have chances of jamming or not working correctly.


with a suit you can sprint in cuck one run out chuck another and again will you in and boom its pretty easy to kill them


Closed. You pay for emp's to get in quicker. With the current way basing is forcing people to use keypad crackers would just make it way too hard.
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