Tabac's Application :)


Steam Name
--> flawless

In-Game Name

--> (ΣΧΑΚ) tabac

Preferred Name
--> tabac

Current In-Game Rank

--> Trusted User

--> STEAM_0:0:43866856

Date of Birth
--> 11/07/01


--> 17

--> Male

--> Cyprus (maybe Ayia Napa rings a bell for you Brits)

--> EET

Total Playtime 
--> 1 Day, 11 hours and 30ish minutes  (

Total Warnings
 --> 1 Warning back in 2017 by my favorite staff member back then Paul. (

Have you been banned previously? 
--> No, never.

Are you active on the Website? 

--> I never lie, I have 2 posts. Most of the time it get boring for me since I really don't need to participate here. I used to lurk a little and I posted a simple complaint that's all. 

What is your Discord username?
--> Flawless

Do you have a Microphone? 

--> Yes, a very good one.

Do you have any relatives who play on this server? 
--> Funny question, and no I have no relatives playing here.

What days are you able to play?
--> Most of the weekdays I can play. I estimate from some time in the noon until really late at night even in the morning sometimes. I'm sure I can fit a schedule since I'm really flexible.

How long can you play on the days you are available?
--> As many hours as you need me as I said I'm really flexible. I can fit most of the times, it would be my pleasure.

Do you know how to use ULX? 
--> I'm positive I can use ULX very well. 

Why should we hire you? 
--> Some great examples of why you should hire me are that as a DarkRP player I have lots of experience. I've been staff in a couple of servers before and have lots of experience with the game mode. Including the fact that I owned my own server back in early 2017 called AquiverRP, sadly it shut down due to economic reasons. I understand how players work and think. I know how a server functions and I know how to put people in their place.  
More over I enjoy working with the Garry's mod mechanics and I love to build, although some times I get carried away and I tend to bend the rules sometimes. (Most of the current staff know Tongue) Another great aspect about me is the fact that I speak fluent and proper English and I express myself well I also use my mic often. I also want to add the fact that I can also speak fluently the Greek language.

Another great thing about me is that I do not tolerate drama period. I've seen what it does to the staff communities.

As an past staff member I know everything there is to know about the ULX. I know how to judge accordingly to any situation and do my best to bring justice. I understand how to solve issues whether it will be thorough the logs or witnesses. 

I'm mature, serious and know how to handle stressful situations. I know how to be a role model since I am the older brother in the family. I understand what being the example means.

In general I'm a overall all an experienced and fun personality and I really wish to help out as much as I can.

Explain what we expect from you 
--> You can expect loyalty and legitimacy from me. I will without a doubt try my best. 

You can also expect me to stick to schedule and moderate properly

You can even expect many fun conversations because it's not only about enforcing rules its also about having some fun!

Anything else you feel like including
Even though my hours cannot compare to some people in the server, i've been a part of this community since December 2017. I really love this community and that is why I came back to give some support. 

I really don't want to prove anyone anything I just want to support this community.

What does 4 cubed + 4 squared  equal to?
--> I will pretend that I didn't google that...80?

--> None 
Football without ultras is nothing.


doesnt meet requirements
just got the required ammount of time
never seen ingame
Not enough detail
Your Gay Staff Member <3 


Unfortunately, I am going to have to deny your application.
This is due to the fact you do not meet the requirement of 20 posts.
I think as a whole, your application is good. You seem to be very mature, however you showed no example of having ULX knowledge.
I recommend reapplying in a few days once meeting the requirements and giving it another go.
Yours faithfully,

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