GentleRexs ban appeal


Your RP Name
>>Adolf Hitler

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*

What is the stated reason?*
>>i was micspamming as a hobo on german

Ban Duration?*
>>racism/antisemintist 5 day ban,

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>Beacause its allowed to mic spam as a hobo and bc i was spamming german speches doesnt matter its nothing agains the rules so next time maybe u should write in rules not allowed to mic spam in other langugaus 


your name was literally adolf hitler, you were playing literal adolf hitler speech recordings, and then acting dumb and innocent in the sit.


yeah my name was adlof hitler that doesnt matter and if u cant speak german then u dont know what they said


Your name being adolf hitler does matter, considering, you know, that's the name of the guy that murdered six million Jewish people.

Since you love getting technical, there is a rule saying that English is the only language allowed on this server, but... it really only takes a grain of common sense to realize what you were doing was antisemitic.


he didnt murder no one his men did soo learn your history



Behavior like this is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated at all. You're in the wrong no matter how you view this.

Come back when anti-antisemitism isn't on your agenda.

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