Mac20 Signing Off!

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Mac20’s resignition

Heyo guys, it's Mac20 your Manager, or soon to be Ex-Manager.

The day has come for me to leave Hawk. Sadly, it has come to a time that I sadly have to say bye to my friends and fellow colleagues at Hawk. I never thought this day would come but times has changed and my ride here on Hawk has been a true rollercoaster. I’ve had my ups and downs and met a lot of wonderful friend. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go and had a hard time saying goodbye to them every time someone left that I grew closer too. The reason why I’ll leave Hawk is because simply after tonight my time has come and I am unable to return to the duties I am/was responsible for. This really saddens me that I am not able to return to perform my duties due to how I feel and due to the way how things went. And I feel that Blast need to be the person replacing me in my duties. I don't want you guys to hate me for the mistakes I made as we all do and it was never my intention to do so and I don’t want you guys *Hawk community* to feel betrayed because I am leaving because it pains me to say goodbye, I’ve grown close to the community and I grew with it. I wish I could thank you all one by one personally for being there for me and being my friend along the way. But duo to mistakes I made and the guilt I felt, I only found it fair for me and justified for the others, for me to leave and say goodbye and leave my spot for a more competent replacement.

I must admit, this has been one of the best communities I've served in my life and I will never forget how many times I've laughed and cried and raged at the small things here, this community is really special and I want you guys to realise how much Hawk has meant to me as a person, I want you guys to respect Blast as the new Manager, I promise he is the best replacement you could have. And it was all mutual of what we discussed considering my leave. So no hate.

Here is a small list of people I want to thank.
-Killroy - DarkFox
And yes even you Kai even though you have pissed me off so many times, I still want to thank you so much for being my friend before we fell out.

I probably missed a few of them as I made alot of friends along the way but be sure you're always in my mind and hearth as I move foward. And I will be dropping by whenever I got the time.
I love you all and remember. Me resigning from Hawk doesn't mean I will not stop forcing Blast to throw rockets towards you all, so you better watch your back!

Cheers to you all and much love from your ex-manager and Little Mac,


Thank you so much Mac for what you have done for Hawk, you have helped me out sooo many times I cant count.
its gonna be real weird not having a ninja turtle around anymore. XD

I wish you the best of luck with your future and hope everything you do goes well for you.


PS sad times you didn't include me XD gonna miss you!
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Thank you so much, And I've included you as I was still editing my post but I didn't want to stay stuck on it.

But thank you so much!


Goodbye Maccu, I will miss you very much.

Without you I wouldn’t be where I am rn, you have been the one to promote me and help me the most on hawk.
Good luck in life and farewell

UP! ❤️


You'll be missed maccu! You were a great manager and a great friend!
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We will miss you and thank you very much for everything you have done for Hawk.

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bye bye maccie i will remmber you forever , even tho that you still gonna talk with me in steam BUT STILL ;-;


I never thought it would to like this..... you was always there for me even when we did argue about things. Please keep in touch on WhatsApp. Have fun in London Mac!
Blast - Community Manager
Please +rep or your triple gay
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So sorry to see you leaving Mac, you’ve been an amazing manager for hawk and have helped me in my path here, good luck with everything the future holds!

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