Hey guys lemme introduce myself

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I first joined in November 2017 with my cousin (blast) and I had a pretty great time! The staff we nice the server was full quite a lot and it was really fun. The only reason i stopped playing is I felt the their was nothing new. Now with the new map and a love for gmod again, I can’t wait to meet everyone again and enjoy this community once more! 

Best of wishes 
PS wrote on a bad phone so really hard to write!


Glad to have you back! Have a great time on the server!

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(28-07-2018, 11:26 AM)Joelt0105 Wrote: Glad to have you back! Have a great time on the server!
Thank you Joelt I can’t wait to be a member of the community working with you amazing people!


Something very similiar happened to me not too long ago. I played on this server way back before Febuary 2017, in the "Pixyte days". I'm 90% sure that I was even a staff member (don't quote me on that, I may not remember correctly). Unfortunately, my PC was having some technical issues so I went off for a long period of time, so long that I eventually kind of forgot about playing Gmod as a whole. I just recently came back and found the server under it's new name and so far I've been having a blast. The server feels the same, but different at the same time. Hope your experience is as good as mine!


Welcome, Enjoy your stay at Hawk


Welcome back to Hawk, Void. Nice to meet you!

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