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Temmzie Is leaving


GoodBye fellas
Thanks for a great time here at Hawk.

I'd like to thank You guys for being here
But uh... Kai mostly, for actually being nice to me.
There are others I would like to thank but can't think of right now.
Cyas, have a good one!
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"Oh, so they have internet in Computers Now!" - Homer Simpson


:wave: wait it's not discord....
I am not a registered sex offender


I'm gonna miss your memes in chat temmzie... bye ;-;


Goodbye, good luck to whats coming in the future.
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Youuuuu shall not be missed.



one of the best staff members I've seen, yet made the place more entertaining
good luck in the future man.
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Man, cya hope everything goes well for you


Have fun in whatever you decide to do next. I wish you the best of luck. We’re all going to miss you!


Bye bye man I'm gunna miss ya


;-; Thanks for everything you've done for us and Hawk in general... Keep in contact. <3

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