Remora's third custom jobby boy but it's lowkey for Kai

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Job Type (default or elite)
>> elite

Job Name
>> Furry Felon

Job Color
>> hot pink; 255, 0, 102

Job Model (find it at | if you want one from donator jobs then ask tasid)
>> the john wick model, i have no clue what it's called but Kai wants it and reavers' custom job has it

Job Type (Criminal, Government or Hitman)
>> Criminal

Job Weapons (default - 2 | elite - 5 | Pro Lockpick and Pro Keypadcracker is on the job by default for criminals and police items for gov)
>> M134 Minigun (m9k_minigun)
Spas 12 (m9k_spas12)
Barett M82 (m9k_barret_m82)
HK 416 (m9k_m416)
Harpoon (m9k_harpoon)

My SteamID:

heads up; i already have another (two) custom jobs, and this one's like mostly for Kai, so /kai would work fine for a command

i'd like to share this custom job with Kai:

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