The Problems Regarding Hitmen/Assassins


To anyone reading this, you have a right to disagree with me on anything I say, everything I say below is my own opinion. —————————————————————— Personally, I think that having 5 hitmen (+assassins) is far too many. Playing as a hitman, there are often not enough hits being placed and if you can’t own doors (therefore can’t base) and are not allowed to do anything else illegal, what else is there to do? 

Another problem is that sometimes I’m on the server minding my own business as a miner and all of a sudden, I get killed by a hitman. There is no reason of why someone has placed a hit on me and in my opinion this doesn’t fit the RP experience. 

However these are not the main problems, the role opens up many opportunities of toxicity, for example, repeatedly placing a hit on ONE single person. Having a friend sit by a ‘Hits Phone’ ready to place a hit on whoever you meet as a hitman. This makes the role into a thing where you can (in a way) RDM whoever you like. The possibilities are endless... 

To fix these problems, the Hitmen/Assassin roles have to be altered e.g. allowing them to own doors/base 
Preventing people from placing hits on the same player repeatedly or having a cool down of placing hits.

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Ok so I'm going to tackle your points in paragraphs:
1) So for your first paragraph is completely agree that 5 hitmen plus assassins is way too much. Only solution I can really see is reduce the Hitman limit. However, I don't feel that we can reduce the assassins limit as people who paid for premium shouldn't have their favorite job unable to play when they paid for it.

2) I feel that having a hit reason should be a requirement to placing hit to stop problem like this.

3) I'm not quite sure if this is still a thing but I know there used to be a timer in-between each time you placed a hit. Possibly if the length of that was increased it would reduce this.

4) I do think hitmen should be allowed to base.


I agree on the cool down idea. In my opinion the cool down should be on the player and the hitman/assassin for example the hitman has a cool down of 5 minutes where as the player can't have another hit on him/her for 10 minutes. This should stop the idea of hit after hit on the same person. Hitmen should be allowed to base as it would give them something to check on during their cool down. With their base hitmen should atleast be aloud printers as another form of income then hits.


Most of the hits aren't placed by the players, they're usually randomised , I agree they're should be a cooldown, as I play Assassin a lot and I see a lot of people from the randomised hits always seem to be the same players, but it all depends if Tasid can customise the code to be able to implement the cooldown feature.


As a professional Laundromat owner I can tell you exactly what I feel about the situation:

"There are too many hitmen."
Why yes I fully agree with you there, between several hitmen, assassins and a Laundromat owner there's hardly ever enough hits to do it feels like.
But its not any different then having a hit placed for you personally like in the old system, and five minutes later another; it feels as if you got nothing to do but there's plenty to experience in the down time.

The old system rewarded people that jumped out.
Sometimes in bad ways ("Hits plz, plz buy hit!") or in my specific case, good ways (Fancy store, fun advertisments and of course actual silent hits)
However with the new system there's a chance for everyone, just grab a hit from the list (it even tells you when there's one) and you're good to go.

"Random hits are annoying."
Honestly, random placed hits are exactly what the server needs, a reminder to always keep your wits about you.
Who said it was random anyway, someone could just not like you.
It might seem unfair since you were minding your own business with that rock... but who knows; that bullet or knife in the spine might just be around the corner.

"Hitmen are just glorified RDM machines."
The current system has a few flaws yeah, currently hits don't dissapear on death of the hitman or target and hits can be placed on the same person frequently.
I agree that some fixes need to be applied, but other then that there's no real reason to fear being targeted by a hitman and their buddy... unless you managed to piss them off; which by then its turned into mass hits on your persona and you just call an admin to make it stop.

Allowing Hitmen to base is not quite what the hitman needs, they should be allowed to make a storefront to sell their 'service'.
I feel that a cooldown is required to prevent spam on one single person.
and finally, if randomised hits can be programmed to target people of importance (Mayor, Mob Boss, SWAT etc.) or people with the longest living streak (Base huggers) then that'd be great.

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