Tasty Jew's Ban Appeal


Your RP Name
>> Tasty Jew or Tasty Jews

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:1:119765801

Who banned you?*
>> Remora

What is the stated reason?*
>> AMRDM | racist stuff, which is obviously badass

Ban Duration?*
>> 1 Week 23 hours 55 minutes.

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> The racism thing was off the hook, he warned me not to speak of races again and so I didn't, I did in-fact say I was going to rape someone but that was obviously a joke, basically I shot 2 people for no reason, the staff member and another bystander, there's just two people who I shot, they didn't really die either.. The staff member himself was RDM'ing me and another user and we had received multiple weapons from him, he'd occasionally noclip and throw a sphere in our designated location but as we shot back he'd casually turn into a admin and his job changes and stuff.. The fact of the matter that he's fairly immature for a staff member on this server, and also to claim that I attempted Mass RDM by shooting two people is making other people a lot discouraged to play the game seeing this happen that fast, I understand that I shouldn't have shot them people but that the fact of the matter that I'm getting banned for two weeks over a incident that little could happen..

I could've simply walked around and shot people who of I wish, and I assume you could count that as Mass RDM but not just shooting two people..

Also the fact that he claimed racism as 'Obviously badass' is a bit pathetic and I think you need to speak to him about that.

-Kyle / Tasty Jew

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Will get remora to respond.
Blast - Community Manager
Please +rep or your triple gay
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i factored in the racist bit since you'd been doing that for a while, and that's generally an indicator you're not here to play nice.

I had muted you for being cruel to other players. When i unmuted you again, the first thing you did was send the following message: (OOC) Tasty Jew: Find me irl ill rape you whore
So i muted and gagged you again. In response, you pulled out your shotgun and first tried shooting me, you realized i was godded, and then tried to shoot the other person. I stripped you of weapons quickly before you were able to finish him off, and then you suicided and tried to respawn. This just screams "i'm trying to mass RDM" for me, and that's why i decided to ban you for two weeks for

Here's a bit of a log of the reason for the initial mute:
*i arrested Tasty*
[Raid] citrus has finished a raid
>> Voiddyy teleported to GSandeS =WL=
(OOC) Salt Man: wow can we have some respect here?
[Mod+] [Premium] (Advert) Remora: Hold it right there, you criminal scum! Holster that weapon or be arrested!
(OOC) Tasty Jew: suck me off you asian whore
[Admin] You need to go on duty first before doing this command. Do /admin
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[Mod+] [Premium] (Advert) Remora: Hold it right there, you criminal scum! Holster that weapon or be arrested!
(OOC) Lil Ardy: Jew you dont want to do that
(OOC) Salt Man: mods and admins,you see this shit?
[Manager] [Staff Chat] KZ Blastó: ayy remora you got the custom job?
(OOC) Tasty Jew: dont lie, you're into that asian hariy shit
(OOC) Lil Ardy: Salt shut the fuck up nobody asked you for your worthless opinion
(OOC) Tasty Jew: ikr
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[Mod+] [Premium] (OOC) Remora: don't
(OOC) Tasty Jew: Greecy insults.
[Mod+] [Premium] (OOC) Remora: bring races into this, please
(OOC) Tasty Jew: Like your nans pussy
[Admin] KZ Blastó has gone on duty
[Admin] Remora has gone on duty
*both muted*


You had no reason to shoot them - you were obviously aware of your wrong actions and even admitted to it yourself in the first sentence that it was for no reason at all.
Also that kind of behavior is not accepted in our community, do not target and especially insult races.

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