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Ban apeal from ikea


Your RP Name Datguyfromikea

Your SteamID*STEAM_1:1:78141406

Who banned you?* remora

What is the stated reason?* antisemitism after several warnings

Ban Duration?* 5 days

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence) he gave me 2 warnings not several and he didint even freeze me or anything like that straight up banned me


Will get remora to respond.
I am not a registered sex offender


[Image: 0F3D6546DC87E088B24F52D608D446173BB33F52]I told you to stop uing the floating disc thing because it was propabuse and it spammed damage logs, making them unusable.

After protesting, you finally removed it, and then you went "either that or this" and make a nazi flag dupe, for some reason???. I told you not to, and then you undid it and pasted it again because you had unfreeze all checked. And i told you not to again, and then you undid-unfroze it again so you could carry it around. This all happened next to the fountain, I told you one more time, and you ran into the tunnel to Residential, still throwing around the nazi sign with your physgun.
[Image: 4L9gfjz.png]


well if you dont know what humor is. jotenmä haluun tappaa itteni


six million dead Jews is a very strange sense of humor

translating that from Finnish tells me you want to kill me here??
[Image: 4L9gfjz.png]

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ja sä sanoit 3 vaan joten siinä ei oo monta

no me oltiin nazija ja voitettiin venäläiset


Denied. Obviously either a joke ban appeal or you really don't understand what the rules are.
I am not a registered sex offender

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