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 07-30-2018, 06:17 PM

In-Game Name: Mikey B OglNetwork
First Name: Niks

Discord Name: naruto57 #8992

Steam Name: TopyMan OGL Network.
Steam ID [b]STEAM_0:0:11101[/b]

Steam ID Finder Link([/url][url=]

Age:  16 (mature)

Timezone (Compared to GMT): Im Not Sure Im EEST

Total Playtime: Unknown

How long can you be on daily: 5-10 hours A day

Past Staffing Expirience:  I Was a MOD in small server

What do you think we look for in applicants: I think you guys look for responsibility, respect, maturity and common sense in a application.

Why do you want to be staff (Minimum 250 words):
  My name is Niks. I am A 16 year old individual that is smart, kind, helpful and much more! I would like to be staff for the server because I believe I  can be a big benefit to the server, I have previous experience with being a staff member, and I can be on a lot for long stretches of time! I think you should accept me as a staff member because I love helping out members if they have an issue, and reducing individuals trying to break the rules of the Fserver. I am a very mature individual, that is responsible and outgoing. I believe these qualities should make me a great fit for a staff position. I consider myself a person that is easy to talk to, funny, outgoing and honest. But, I am also very strict when it comes to rules. Another quality I have is that I am Latvian . On a UK server, I'm sure the community doesn't see a lot of American staff on the server. Their are also time differences, which make UK staff not able to get on at that certain time. I think this would make me a good candidate for staff. I would also like to be staff because I can be on very often. I can be on whenever my supervisor would like even! I have a very open schedule for the time being. This could be a great opening for me because of my abilities to reduce individuals trying to kill off the server by trolling, cheating, etc; I could also give a hand with any big projects, or just extra help with stuff in general! All in all, I think that I can be a good benefit for the staff team, and to the server! I am very familiar with the rules, and I can do anything that is needed from a staff member. Dont Wory I Know English very good Thank you!


Who are the Staff and Server Managers of the DRP Server:Biem, Coffin, Neiko, WayneW, Alex

Have any staff reffered you? (Recommended you): None


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Denied. For a start you're not using hawks template, plus you don't meet the requirements.
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