Not making tazer rushing against the rules

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There seems to be a lot of demand for this to be made against the rules, but it really shouldn't be.

Don't want to read? Let me give you a TL:DR;
- It's not FearRP, you're already shooting at them, not threatening to shoot them.
- They'd be putting themselves at risk more by using less effective methods.
- Tazers are exclusively used in real life to neutralize hostile targets.
- Cops have to arrest whenever possible. This is an arresting possibility.
- Unfair? So is Thief Juggernaut. Cops can only attack you if you're breaking the law, so they have an excuse to be overpowered.
- Either don't break laws or keep your distance.

As for people bringing up FearRP as an argument; there's three reasons this doesn't make any sense.
1. FearRP is when you fear that someone is going to shoot at you, so you obey their commands. Not when they're already shooting at you.
FearRP is void as soon as that person is shooting at you. You no longer fear that they're going to kill you. They're actively killing you right that moment.
If you "obey them" you will die, no questions asked, unless a mysterious savior appear out of nowhere, which isn't going to happen.
If you fight back, you have a chance to live. If you value your life, shouldn't you fight back and take that chance?
2. The taser is also a weapon. There's no reason why it shouldn't be considered a weapon, and there's no reason why people should be forced to use other guns over a perfectly fine weapon.
3. Switching to a less effective method of neutralizing opponents sounds like a really dumb thing to do if you value your life.

As for people bringing up realism/FailRP as an argument; The taser is literally only used on people that resist arrest. It's made specifically to neutralize hostile persons that don't come along peacefully in real life. Police are trained to use them, and police are encouraged to arrest rather than kill whenever they are able to, even in-game. Getting tackled by officers isn't unrealistic either, since they have specifically been trained for this sort of thing.

As for people bringing up balance as an argument; Cops are supposed to be more powerful than others. Want a hardcounter to police officers? Don't break laws. They can't use their power to fuck over innocent people. If you're the cop-baiting type, sure, just stay outside of taser range. Keep your distance and shoot them dead before they can get in range.

I understand getting arrested can be frustrated, but when i complain about pay-to-win jobs they just say "you can still beat them with enough skill". Same goes for police officers. You can still beat them with enough skill. I don't see the difference balance-wise, even if cops being overpowered is specifically fine because of the restrictions put on them. Again, before anyone dares bring that up, having to pay for something does not make it balanced. Donator jobs are unfair, period, and i understand they need to be to get people to buy them, but they're also something that makes users leave regularly because they're getting fucked over by something unfair.

Thoughts and opinions are welcome.


Completely agree. I don't understand why there is so much hate towards the taser rush from everyone. I understand it can be annoying from the attackers pov but ieth good aim taser rush isn't even that powerful. Regarding the realism part I never userstand why people look for realism in dark rp but when you compared it to.the real life situation it completely devalues their arguement. +Rep to take rush always being allowed.


Closed. Rules against tazer rushing probably wont be added.
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