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Change Logs 03/08/2018

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[03 - 08 - 2018]

Summary: These are just minor changes, all updates should be posted regularly from now on

- [BACKEND] Moved all custom jobs to one file in order to make them more manageable
- [BACKEND] Organised addons (still in the doing)

- Replaced stacker with stacker improved
- The box hud on the bottom left was updated
- Both huds now show License, Wanted and Lockdown with icons
- Blur was added to a few more elements in-game
- Hits now log! Thank god Smile
- New settings, you can now darken the map and disable the kill feed (volume coming soon)
- Did some minor FPS optimisations
- Rules design has been changed and more user-friendly (hopefully) | Some rules were updated
- (stubbo) Patched a few crashing exploits [doesn't mean server is vulnerable to all crashing]


Wow it's been a while since one of these, lets do dis.
I am not a registered sex offender


Oh yeah boi finally hit logs and I can't wait to see the new rules
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Still didn't remove the word fag from the rules Sad

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Excuse me what? since when is tasid a backend developer :thinking: stubbo and tasid no ban kthxbye
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The hit logs are such a great addition, now I no longer have to get into lengthy sits that are just his word against his word. Thanks for this addition boys I look forward to new improvements Smile
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