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Possible suggestions that have been done and need closing.

(This post was last modified: 08-10-2018, 08:34 AM by Joelt0105.)

Hi, the following are some threads out of suggestions that are completed or just need closing

Grenade launcher rule -only on megabases (Remora)
https://www.hawkservers.co/showthread.php?tid=4350 (Sorta already done with the rules change to M97)

Improved stacker (Laserman)
https://www.hawkservers.co/showthread.php?tid=4431 (Stacker was changed yesterday)

Guide for new players (Flawless)
https://www.hawkservers.co/showthread.php?tid=4617 (One was created)

Staff picking up (Joelt0105)
https://www.hawkservers.co/showthread.php?tid=4579 (Not really a problem, realise this now)

Fire (TK x Cam)
(We no longer have the Grenade launcher on the server)

Ammo (Harzel)
(We no longer have the Grenade launcher on the server)

Lost 350k Bc of crashes (Hooligan)
(Blast refunded him I believe)

Suit take time to put on/off (Remora)
(Suits have been reworked anyway)

Stocks suggestion (Beni)
(Stocks are gone)

Stocks (Program)
(Stocks are gone)

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