Elite custom job

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Job Type (default or elite)
>> Elite

Job Name
>> Ghosted

Job Color
>> Blue

Job Model (find it at csite.io | if you want one from donator jobs then ask tasid)
>> merc1 

Job Type (Criminal, Government or Hitman)
>> Criminal

Job Weapons (default - 2 | elite - 5 | Pro Lockpick and Pro Keypadcracker is on the job by default for criminals and police items for gov)
>> Mini gun, Barret M82, Spas 12, AK47 and EMP Grenade


Custom jobs cannot have permaweapons;
i suggest giving it some kind of shotgun (USAS, Striker, SPAS, Jackhammer) instead of the M4A4 howl and some kind of machinegun instead of the AWP asiimov (like the m60, ares shrike or minigun).
this way, you have one gun of every type.


Is there a way I can check on the progress of my custom job?


Custom jobs are added at 3am GMT (server restart)
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so I will have my job tomorrow?


(04-08-2018, 07:44 PM)ARMeRsIon Wrote: so I will have my job tomorrow?

[Image: IS_THAT_SO.gif]



ok thank you

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