Base defenses


What would be the best base defenses

Both for the 

Whenever I build a base is that I can never create a defense good enough, i've heard things about toggle one ways and ramps 
So I need some help what would be the best defenses for defending a base?

Now before someone asks yes ik this will have factors on where the base is being built and how big the base will be
Im talking in a more general area so for example
the roof above the industrial tunnel or say the building with the fence in slums 

Thanks again guys
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So firstly, basing above the Industrial Tunnel or at places such as that is the first problem, what I mean by this is that fountain is probably the most populated place of the map, if not spawn. The more people, the more attention, the more attention, the more likely that someone will even raid you in the first place. 

Secondly, when building a base I like to use long hallways and have my fading doors only half way, this means that the gap is not big enough to get through but the other half is big enough to shoot them. This leads to my next point, the right hand advantage. You want to position your walls so that raiders are on your right side, this means that when you peak at them to shoot the raiders only a fraction of your body is exposed, however for them to peak, they have to expose more of their body to you when trying to hit a shot. This is because your character is of corse right handed.

Lastly, Even if you’re a solo player or playing with some friends, don’t be afraid to base somewhere big such as one of the buildings in Industrial or the warehouse in the slums, this is because they provide big open areas where you have a lot space to build and overall have more options of how you want to style your base. Take advantage of the prop limit, especially if you have Premium. 

Thank You for reading - GoGreen (Milk)
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