TSD Recruitment

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What do we do? 
We are the big criminals we raid, rob, mug, bitmine, printing everything thats criminal. We also do drug trafficing etc.
How do you become one of us? 
You must follow these rules: 
 No Spam.
No Betrayal
Be Active
Don't Be Offensive
Suit your given roles and don't repetitively keep asking to be promoted or you will be demoted 
Your must also follow this link to properly apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQ...sp=sf_link
The Ranks are: 
Ur name should be: (org) (rank) (Name)
Leader (1)
Co-Leader (1)
Capo Regime (2)
Captain (2)
Personal Guard (2) Handpicked by Leader/Co leader to guard PS: WIll be given special weapons to suit its role
Associate (4) 

Thank you and good luck with your application!

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