A way to view commands

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A lot of players would benefit from a way to view all the commands with explanations of what they do. This would help people get started out easier and sort out confusion.


+rep their used to be a section in the F4 menu for commands... I'm not quite sure what happened to it or why it was removed but it certainly used to help quite a lot. If you need to ask for a command, try asking a staff member, thats your best chance of finding the usage for a certain command.

I still think that menu should be added back in.


+rep could be useful for new players



I think this would make people more likely to play the server because then there would be less of a learning curve
[Image: giphy_1.gif]



Ok so I created this. At the bottom is a list of all commands we have available on the server. I also did suggest this a couple of days ago but nothing had happened yet.


Will do

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