SKuLLzSKiLLz Staff App


Steam Name*


In-Game Name*


Current In-Game Rank*

(user, supporter, premium)
>>premium + Custom job


Date of Birth*




>>United Kingdom (England)

>>+0 GMT

Total Playtime (screenshot if possible)*
>>1 week 6 days 21 hours at the time of this app

Total Warnings (screenshot if possible)*

Have you been banned previously? (yes / no)*
>>yes i have but it was in my first two weeks of having gmod

Are you active on the Website? (yes / no)
 [such information is checked, lying will result in an instant denial]*


Are you active on the Discord? (yes / no) [such information is checked, lying will result in an instant denial]*
>> sort of

What is your Discord username?*
>> SKuLLzSKiLLz#8715

Do you have a Microphone? (yes / no)*

>>yes and i use it alot

Do you have any relatives who play on this server? (yes / no - if yes, please state their username)
>>no i do not

What days are you able to play?*
>>i am able to play everyday and on weekday

How long can you play on the days you are available?*
>>6 hours weekday 13 hours weekends

Do you know how to use ULX? (yes / no)*

!hp <target> <number> - Sets the target's HP.
!armor <target> <number> - Sets the target's Armor,l.
!refund - Opens the refund menu.
!slay <target> - Slays the target.
!mute <target> - Mutes the target, not making him type/speak.
!gag <target> - Gags the target, not making him speak.
!gimp <target> - Gimps the target, not making him type.
!freeze <target> - Freezes the target, useful to stop the person.
!unfreeze <target> - Unfreezes the target.
!god <target> - Makes the target invincible.
!ungod <target> - Removes God Mode from the target..
!cloak <target> - It will make the target Invisible.
!uncloak <target> - It will make the target Visible.
!warn <target> <reason> - It will give a warning to the target.
!kick <target> <reason> - It will kick the target.
!xban - Opens the Ban Menu.
!logs - Opens the Log Menu.
!noclip <target> - Noclips the target.
!ban <target> <durance> <reason> - Bans the target.
!jail <target> <durance> - Jails the target.,
!unjail <target> - Unjails the target.
!spectate <target> - Makes you spectate the target.
Why should we hire you? (be detailed, minimum 1 paragraph)*
>>I think i should be hired because i handle situations very well and i have only got 3 warnings ever in my time on gmod. I should also be hired because i will handle situation non biased and view it only with evidence i have in front of me and not go and handle it with purely circumstantial evidence. I also can deal with stress and i am good at organising situations and i have got a keen eye to do good in this community. I am also very active on the forums and i often look at other members threads and posts to get an idea of what the community expects from me and other admins or mods. If i see anyone breaking the rules whether it be users or other higher ranking members of this community i will deal with it the best way i can whether that be report it to higher ranking members or issue the right punishment for that user.
Explain what we expect from you (minimum 1 paragraph)*
>>You should expect from me to also be active ,which i am only rarely i am not, and helpful in the community whether that be in game forums or discord. I should also be helping players if they have any issues if that is rule based or purely domestic. I should also keep calm and let people say there side of the story even if it is clear that they have been breaking rules to give the fairest judgement. You should also take into consideration that  have been running DN for a while now and it has been running very smoothly this shows my organisation skills and my determination. You should also expect from me to enforce the rules in all cases whether that be my best friend or my worst enemy. I will also make sure that my sits run as quick and smooth as possible so i can make sure that claims get reveiwed quicker and more positively for the community.

Referrer(s) (staff only)

>>None Sad

What does 4 cubed + 4 squared  equal to?*
>> 80
Many thanks,


+rep played a lot. good detail, not a lot of warnings


Denied. I have denied this on 2 bases. You say you're active on the forums yet your last post before this staff app was in February, that's not active. Secondly, you say you have 2 total warnings. That's a lie you have 10.
Blast - Community Manager
Please +rep or your triple gay
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