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SS Johnzy


I have had enough with admins like this, i had a kos sign telling people  if they go past it KOS then johnzy comes around after i shoot a guy going over it and giving me a warning after jailing me, please sort him out, Thanks


Ok so, this seems like a rant more than anything. On top of that, you didn't follow the template.
I am not a registered sex offender



Here's the template, more context is critically needed though.



Ok so first of all. I was standing outside ur base talking to these chaps. Then a guy ran in, u shot him, perfectly fine, but u also killed another guy outside ur base, he reported RDM, i took the sit. Then i brang you, you kept saying he was past KOS sign even though i was outside the door and witnessed it all. Just because i was giving the benifit of a doubt i jailed u for 2 mins, instead of giving a warn.

You proceeded to keep crying saying he was past KOS sign when he wasn't. I feel my decision was right and i was letting you off too since RDM is an instant warnable offense as stated in the 'Staff Handbook'.

If you wish to continue this talk. Make a proper report on me and go into detail, but for now. Have a nice day


Denied. You never followed the template.
I am not a registered sex offender

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