INV.Holster Mod.


It is risky to drop your weapon and pick it up into inventory pickup. Good way to attract rulebreakers though.

Make an addons where you write "/invholster" and it puts all of your droppable weapons in your inventory please. 

I've had many problems with dropping and picking them up. Sometimes they go through the wall/floor.

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I've never had this problem, but I can see where youre coming from about the rulebreakers. And for the guns falling thru the world, make sure you pick a building and go to the top floor. That way it can only go down a floor.


Pretty sure it was removed as people were abusing it to get event weapons.
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I thought they patched the event weapon thing though, It would be useful and I agree it should be added instead of trying to find a place where no one is as they might steal your weapon as well, it would be a very cool feature to add

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Things would go a lot smoother and faster and you wouldn't have to worry about thieves.

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I think you could just go inside the nearest building...there are a lot of empty buildings near spawn and even near the pd. You could go into the building across from the pd, not many people base there. As for the weapons going through walls and the floor, that is most likely a glitch/bug which can be fixed.
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It's not hard to just hide. I have never had this problem and probably never will. The add-on overall is quite abuseable not only to death matches but also swapping jobs.


-rep no


+rep, this would make things easier..
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+rep good idea but can be abused for event weapons maybe unless the devs can fix it

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