Joe Moe Banned


A tramp threw shit at me i warned him to stop and he didn't so i killed him and i got away. after that a connection problem message showed up and my screen frozed and i stayed like this 2 mins then decided to leave the sever and retry to get in and it say's that i got banned 3 days for rdm. my friend ask the admin i got banned and not warned the told to my friend because he left the game.please unban me i love this server and the admins im realy sorry for my actions and my bad internet connection.


Please use the template.
Blast - Community Manager
Please +rep or your triple gay
[img][Image: tsqNlrp.png][/img]


As blast said use the template or your ban appeal will not be accepted.

You can edit this post or create a new one, fill in the template and then your case will be taken seriously.



Failed to update the thread using the template in time.
If you're going to appeal again, please use the template provided in

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