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The Server Should Make A Trailer Or Promo Vid Imo


Yeah idk it sounds like a good idea but at the same time Hawk is doing really well and I don't believe it needs it but I guess go for it mate.
[Image: giphy_1.gif]


I used to make promotional videos for servers back when I played gmod 24/7. I found that the trailers with quotes from people were always the cringiest. I made one for a server which provided footage to me and they had people saying 'This is truly the most emotional RP experience of my life' and I was like... are you fucking serious? Peak times and showing interactions are usually the best bets as you mentioned, along with server features overlayed as text. As :O mentioned, the server's popular as it is - making a trailer would be pointless


Either a very ironic & full of effort trailer or a serious one with more than enough effort.

Idk, seems pointless.


I agree. This would definitely advertise the server and get the word out, however, we already have a lot of players as is.


It would be fairly cool

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