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Why do you have to be active on the forums?


I was wanting to become an admin but then I saw that you have to post forums and stuff. I was thinking that maybe you should not have to and Just have to do something in game or somthing like that because I do not really think you should have to go on the forums a bunch to be an admin.


No because that doesn't help at all. How does that show you're going to be active in our community if you can't even spend your time to post here and talk in the discord...
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It's really simple. The staff team are expected to be active on the forums to respond to things such as staff applications and at least look at suggestions to know what is happening with a server they should care about. It's not hard to gain posts on the forums with may posts being created in one day. If you do not like this then don't apply for staff, it's simple.


Like ^^tsalB and Joelt0105 said, you have to be active within the community in all ways and participate with helping players in-game, on the forums if you want to make admin, that's your role.


Like the other replies it has to show you're dedicated and fully ready to be active in our community, trust me it takes a lot of dedication
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