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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>>Raiders/Base builders

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>>Right now the base rules are getting abused to make bases that are basically 1 way and take more luck that skill to raid ill describe what these bases have. They have a tiny ramp leading up to a roof that you can fall off, 3 fading door fences that have a material on them that is very hard to see through, 1 way shooting holes above and on left and right walls so you have no clue where you are going to be shot from and behind all the fading doors there is a box that is bullet proof and has a wold glow one way that they peek up from and shoot  you in a fraction of a second and you have no clue when they will stand up to shoot you so you have to predict when some one is going to stand up from the box when you have no clue what side they are at or if they even are there to begin with. These bases are becoming more and more common due to the 1 way rule has been added back in. So what we should change to fix this is make 1 ways with buttons banned again none i knew wanted one ways back they ruin raids and get abused. Also change world glow one ways so they are partially transparent this was also fine they are just wayy to powerful right now the grenade launcher made this kind of base useless but now it is back due to it being removed 
Click me In this screenshot tell me where the guy is cuz i cant see him
Click me i want the rules to changed so raiding is fun instead of playing wheres wally for your life

How would your suggestion improve the server?
It would make raiding bases fun and make it feel like is your fault you lost a raid instead of you didnt guess right fuck you and make defending your base a challenge instead of shooting people who have no clue that you are there more fun all round with this change
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Heavy +rep. So much in this post that just describes the exact problem for raiders right now. Regarding the 1 way buttons I completely agree. Its way too hard for raiders to know where you are going to be shot from when there are 1 ways on the roof, 1 ways on the sides and you can be shot through them just holding mouse 1 down a death hallway. Honestly, I have seen so much of this recently which just makes so clans pretty much invincible.


These kind of bases are almost unraidable, one-way is very unfair and makes it unbalanced for other players.


+rep I was going through a recording of a certain CW base trying to find the point of where I could see him. There's about .4 seconds where you can see and shoot him before he drops back down and traces you through the one way he can see through perfectly. Just to once again, pop back up in the not one way material but the more you stack it the more one way it gets kind of material.
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+rep ban one ways problem solved
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I think that world glow is the biggest offender of unfair bases, you can’t tell where you’re going to be shot from no matter the circumstance, atleast with a one way fence the raider has an idea of where to be looking, in my opinion disallow worldglow all together.


+rep This is a great idea BMO.
World glow shouldn't be allowed it is so OP and ruins the fun out of raiding.
The rule against world glow should be reinforced to disallow it from happening in bases on the server.

#8 Hey guys I can totally shoot you.... Right?
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lol what that shouldn't be allowed.


(10-08-2018, 09:40 PM)Dragonz02 Wrote: lol what that shouldn't be allowed.

Yeah, when we tried to raid them they killed us all without us even seeing them once.

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