Banned when i offer proof i wasnt lieing.

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For one im not following your temp as i shouldnt be doing this in the first place. I just want u to know the sec i spawned in and made a base. I was raided without advert, they entered the base by prop climbing, destroyed all my stuff. Then when i get rdmed i agree not right but i try to rdm back. and fail everytime i try. while im getting killed buy the guy and his friend just for being in the area. so i started breaking nlr and trying to kill them all in the end being the only one who got killed. I tried to explain this to the admin GayZ BMO but all he said was the guy who killed me adverted self defince so that made me in the wrong even tho i was rdmed first and was the only one killed in the whole thing on top of it all i offered to send the video i recorded of all of it but the admin instead decided to make fun of me in chat as well as blow me up before baning me for 2 weeks. so instead on waisting time on a server that cares so lil they have an "admin sit" right in front of the whole server, decline to view the video and u dont even have time i know u all have real lives but if ur life is so busy not to care then u souldnt be making a website asking for money like some gold digging whores off the side of the road. FUCK ur server. [Image: biggrin.png]



Please use the template provided in

BM0 didn't "make fun" of you, when someone gets banned they automatically use OOC for "Goodbye all <3 Banned for" and then blow up.
We don't use adverts for raids in Hawk, we have a command: /raid. Without the command players cannot lockpick and keypad crack - preventing them from raiding without it.

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Do you still have the video for proof of what you did, your ban appeal will not be taken seriously until you change the format but still posting the video could help significantly with your case.


He has left the server, I don'tthink he was asking for an unban, but mos likely ranting, but just incase it isn't.
The explosion is part of the ban system, whenever we ban someone they explode
Also where are we asking for money? Gold diggers? like what XD

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I believe you are wrong. No one is "asking for money" - there is simply a donation page so users can get a cool addition in order to support the server.
You also called us "gold digging whores" I think before you call someone a name, you should know what it means first:
Definition of gold digger. 1 : one who digs for gold. 2 : a person whose romantic pursuit of, relationship with, or marriage to a wealthy person is primarily or solely motivated by a desire for money.
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You didnt give me a vid you just said HE RDM ME I HAVE PROOF i ask for the proof and you say nothing for 15 mins i look in the logs find out that the "RDM" was actually self defence then i say looks like AMRDM you still say nothing back then i say if you have nothing else to say ill ban you for AMRDM you say nothing for 2-3 min then i ban you i didnt ignore your vid i asked for it mind if you link it here so i can see this proof

I gave you plenty of time to say give me a bit of time need to get the vid but no you just sit there doing nothing

And that RDM and propclimbing sit yea you said to me let them off with it but then you charge at a group stabing them is that what you call letting them off with it?
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Thinking about this, this is more of a rant - obviously you can't expect to get unbanned when calling us "gold diggers whores" and saying "fuck your server".
Take out the hostility and make a proper ban appeal using

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