Some rules from suggestions

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Global Rules
These apply everywhere- this means in-game, the forums and on Discord

1 - English is the core language used on the server - using another language may result in a kick.
2 - Do not do anything to harm the server or otherwise exploit it.
3 - Give respect to earn respect. All players must be respected.
4 - Racism is strictly forbidden.
5 - Do not promote religious or political viewpoints, keep it to yourself or privately.
6 - Please do not express your anger on the server - no one wants to deal with it.
7 - Don't post any NSFW content, young people play on the server.
8 - Don't spam - very annoying, this includes ear rape.
9 - Causing drama may result in a ban.
10 - You may be muted/banned for posting malicious links.
11 - Bullying is dealt with strictly, punishments vary.
12 - Don't have disrespectful / inappropriate usernames or profile pictures.
13 - Advertising the selling of things ingame for real money is not allowed and will result in a ban.
14 - Where rules to not prevail, common sense shall.
15 - Voice changers are allowed as long as they are not excessive. This means no mic spam or ear rape.

16 - [Changed] Do not advertise other servers in your name.

General Rules
These apply in-game and don’t fit in any of the other categories

1 - Do not RDM - Random Deathmatch - This is when you damage or kill a player without a valid reason.
2 - Do not break NLR - New Life Rule - You forget events which have occured in your past life. You cannot return back to your death position for 3 minutes.
3 - Do not Metagame - Using OOC (out of character) to deliver RP messages.
4 - Do not argue in OOC.
5 - Do not break FearRP / FailRP - Pretty much don't do something stupid like running away at gun point or pulling out a gun at gun point.
6 - Do not spam textscreens or microphone.
7 - [NEW] Dropping perma weapons - Anyone caught doing this will have the weapon removed and not refunded.
8 - [NEW] Names which cannot be targetted due to symbols are not allowed.

Counter Rules
1 - Cooldown: 10 minutes.
2 - You must advert counter.
3 - You may only counter for someone who is in your clan or someone you are basing with.
4 - Government jobs DO NOT need to advert counter, nor is there a cooldown.

Building Rules
Rules related to building and basing in-game, and keeping those fair

1 - If your base is being built, you must put a 'building' textscreen visible at all entrances / exits (you cannot have anything illegal within your base with a building sign).
2 - You must own all the doors in the property / area you have claimed.
3 - You can propblock only when a building sign is present and you must be acitively building in the base.
4 - You can only use a maximum of 3 fading doors for the entrance of your base.
5 - One fading door entity counts as one fading door. This means you can't stack two fading doors with the same keypad to make it EMP or police proof..
6 - Nocollided props are only allowed as doors or as decorations (eg. nocollided flower bushes in a garden) and it has to be clear that a certain prop is a nocollided door. You may only have one nocollided prop door at maximum.
7 - Any participants in a base, or the owner itself, cannot shoot through a prop that has any way to see through it while the raider cannot.
8 - There has to be 2 x 2 player's worth of room for a raider to move in between two doors.
9 - [UPDATED] All keypads and buttons must be visible.
10 - You cannot shoot people at an unfair angle. This means that you can see their foot while they cannot shoot you.
11 - Bases meant to confuse players are not allowed (this means no hidden or fake keypads, mazes and etc.. | they must all be visible).
12 - A raider has to be able to get to your raidables without jumping or crouching once.
13 - You cannot build in places which have already been claimed by someone else beforehand.
14 - All keypads must open a fading door for a minimum of 4 seconds and buttons must be set on toggle.
15 - You may use your key to open fading doors, however, if you are being raided, this is not allowed.
16 - [UPDATED] You cannot shoot through any one ways - however you CAN use a button to remove it, then shoot.
17 - You can only use KOS signs for going past a certain area. The area must not be extended as far as 3 players from your base.
18 - If a player leaves the KOS area for more than 3 seconds, you cannot shoot them.
19 - Bases will need to be modified if staff deem that it is unfair as long as they can justify their conclusion.
20 - [NEW] If someone enters your base, you can kill them aslong as you advert 3 times before killing them. You must leave 5 seconds between each warn.
21 - [NEW] You can have a KOS sign which means you can kill anyone unauthorized upon entery. Your KOS sign must be visible from every entry to the base.
22 - [NEW] KOS signs must be 60+ sized, clear, and readable. They cannot be camouflaged against their background.

23 - [Changed] Ramps don't count as entrances, KOS must start at first faiding door.
24 - [Changed] Bases taking up the two major roofs near fountain is a mega base

Base Rules
1 - The only big area of a map you can take is the industrial area - anywhere else is not allowed.
2 - Tunnel bases are allowed, however, there must be space for at least 2 people to go through 1 gap.
3 - Sky bases are not allowed.
4 - You cannot base on top of the fountain.
5 - You can only take up 1 building unless it is the industrial area.
6 - Roof bases are allowed as long as there are stairs to get to them.
7 - You can only own 1 base.

8 - [Changed] You may not have a ladder or elevator inside of your base.

Raiding Rules
Enter someone's property with force in pursuit of valuables

1 - Cooldown: 10 minutes (15 for the same person).
2 - You must /advert or do /crime before raiding.
3 - Raids can only last for a maximum of 8 minutes.
4 - You can kill everyone inside the property you are raiding, however, you cannot kill people near the base (basically you can only kill people who are part of the base or within the area).
5 - You cannot raid while there is a building sign on the base, nor can a person with a building sign raid.
6 - You are not allowed to use props during a raid or raid from another base.
7 - You must be raiding the base. This means you cannot advert raid just to kill the base participants.
8 - You cannot raid tramps or DJs.
9 - You can only use explosives to destroy bases when your raiding!.
10 - [NEW] Grenade launchers can only be used on bases outside of buildings (on roofs, in tunnels, on the streets etc) to destroy props or walls, and may not be used to damage players.

Kidnapping Rules
Take a person hostage and demand ransom to let them go again

1 - Cooldown: 20 minutes (45 for the same person).
2 - You must do /kidnap before kidnapping.
3 - Hostages can only be held for 10 minutes - after that they may be killed or released.
4 - You may only kidnap someone under gunpoint - if you are holding a knife, they can retaliate with their own weapon.
5 - People who are together must follow the 60 minute cooldown for the same person (i.e gangs).
6 - The hostage must be accessable through keypads and battering rams (both!).
7 - You cannot kidnap tramps or an AFK person.
8 - [UPDATED] You must be actively trying to sell a kidnapped person (maximum ransom is $50,000).
9 - [NEW] A kidnapped person must never be left unattended.
10 - [NEW] You victim cannot be silenced, they can talk all they like, there's no point gagging them.

Mugging Rules
Rob a person of their money at gunpoint; $5000, to be exact

1 - Cooldown: 5 minutes (15 for the same person).
2 - You must /advert or do /crime before mugging.
3 - You must give up to 15 seconds for someone to drop their money.
4 - You may only mug someone under gunpoint - if you are holding a knife, they can retaliate with their own weapon.
5 - People who are together must follow the 20 minute cooldown for the same person (i.e gangs).
6 - You can only mug 1 person at a time, not a group of people.
7 - Reverse mugs are not allowed.
8 - You cannot mug tramps, AFK person or Government (mayor is not included).

Citizen Rules
You play a very basic role in city life. Make up your own adventure!

1 - You cannot use any weapon other than a pistol.
2 - You may own a house with a maximum of 2 fading doors.
3 - You cannot do anything illegal.

DJ Rules
You keep the citizens of Downtown entertained with pretty songs

1 - Do not play anything sexual.
2 - Your music must not be able to be heard at spawn.
3 - You must stay in a certain location.
4 - You cannot do anything illegal.
5 - You cannot base, however, you may own a little DJ stand on the streets.
6 - Don't play earrape music.

Doge Rules
You’re man’s best friend. Aid your owner in his daily life!

1 - You cannot possess a weapon other than a knife.
2 - You may be claimed as a pet by someone.
3 - You are not allowed to base unless you are a pet of someone.
4 - You can make a little shelter and sit in it and wait to be claimed.
5 - You can assist raids but can only use your knife.

Security Rules
You’re a hired gun who can safeguard both personnel and goods

1 - You may be hired to protect an area by anyone.
2 - You cannot do anything illegal, however, you may print in the property of the person who hired you.
3 - You cannot kill anyone who is not doing anything to harm the place you are protecting.
4 - You are not allowed to base on your own but you may be part of the place you have been hired from.

Farmer Rules
You work hard to make a living

1 - You cannot do anything illegal, however, you may print.
2 - You can base with other people.

Tramp Rules
You’re a homeless person scavenging everything he can to stay alive

1 - You may only use fists and knives as weapons.
2 - You cannot own any doors and cannot have props inside buildings.
3 - You may not use keypads in your tramp constructions.
4 - You are not allowed to block off parts of the map.
5 - You cannot block off a dumpster with your buildings.

Mayor Rules
You are the leader of Downtown and see to its citizens staying safe

1 - You are not allowed to use a weapon bigger than a pistol.
2 - You cannot own doors, nor can you be part of any base.
3 - You cannot enforce laws nor assist during police raids.
4 - You may build inside the PD, but keypads must have the 'CPs Allowed' box checked.
5 - Your laws must be reasonable and are not allowed to conflict with default laws. 'Jaywalking is illegal' is an example of an unreasonable law.
6 - You cannot engage in illegal activities.

Police / SWAT Rules
You carry out the Mayor’s orders and help out civilians

1 - You are not allowed to own any doors nor be part of any base.
2 - You cannot be 'corrupt', you have to enforce laws and cannot help criminals.
3 - You must have a valid reason to make someone wanted. You may not make someone wanted for killing you.
4 - You must have a valid reason to put a warrant on someone. Suspicious or anonymous tips do not count.
5 - Police and SWAT are allowed to return to the PD immediately after getting killed in a PD raid, bank raid or terror attack. They can ignore NLR during this time..
6 - SWAT should be protecting the PD until they’re needed in police raids; police officers should be patrolling the streets..
7 - Police may build a basic checkpoint under the mayors consent.
8 - You are not allowed to excuse your clan for breaking the law.
9 - [NEW] Before enforcing a law, please warn the person you are targeting. You may do /advert Warn 3 times with 3 second gaps.
10 - You cannot engage in any illegal activities.
11 - (ONLY SWAT GENERAL AND POLICE CHIEF) You may build in the PD as long as the Keypad settings are set to 'CP's Allowed'.

12 - [Changed] Government need a reason to weapon check.

Secret Service Rules
You’re the Mayor’s personal bodyguard and keep him safe

1 - [NEW] You cannot own doors or base whatsoever.
2 - [UPDATED] You must always be with the mayor at all times. If there's no mayor, you must protect the PD..
3 - [NEW] You do not enforce laws, you only protect the mayor / pd.
4 - You cannot engage in illegal activities.

Bloods / Crips Rules
You are two rivaling gangs who hate each other with a passion

1 - You are two opposing gangs, bloods vs crips.
2 - [NEW] (UPTOWN ONLY) You may kill an opposing member - randomly killing an opposing member outside of Uptown will result in a warn.
3 - [NEW] You are responsible for crossfire when shooting an opposing member - be careful with your shots.
4 - All Members must follow their leader.

Hitman / Assassin Rules
Both trained killers, you dish out death for a price

1 - You can raid to get to your target.
2 - You are not allowed to do anything illegal other than fullfill your hit and raid.
3 - You cannot base nor can you own doors.

4 - [Changed] There must be a reason for placing hits
5 - (ASSASSIN ONLY) You may do a hit and run which allows you to kill someone at a close range and then make a runner. You can do this every 15 minutes, 45 minutes for the same person.

Gangster, Mob Boss, Thieves, Chav
You’re low-life criminal scum and will do anything to earn a few pennies

1 - You can base with anyone you'd like.
2 - Gangsters must follow a mob boss' orders.
3 - Chavs are allowed to work for the police. If an agreement is made, they cannot be arrested..
4 - Chavs can raid bases for government in order to gather evidence for them.
5 - You can do anything that is illegal which does not involve terror.

Terrorist Rules
You show the infidels of Downtown your power

1 - Terrorists can base with anyone they'd like.
2 - You can start a terror using /terror - this consists of a 20 minute cooldown.
3 - A terror attack lasts until you are either killed or arrested.
4 - You can only target people inside the Police Department or Government members.
5 - You may only target Government members or anyone inside the PD.
6 - Terrorists may take part in other criminal activities.
7 - During a bombing, civilian casualties are allowed, however, there must be equal or more government than civilians killed.

Weaponry Dealer
You keep a fresh supply of firearms in stock for gun-toting citizens

1 - You can only use SMGs or pistols.
2 - You must have a store which must be publically available and open majority of the time.
3 - You can earn a maximum of $10,000 from a single transaction for an item.
4 - [NEW] You are allowed to base with other weaponry dealers, doges and security guards.
5 - [UPDATED] You are not alowed to scam people and always make sure customers pay first.
6 - You are allowed to own printers but cannot take part in other criminal activities.

Under Development...

Playing Hawk Servers means you accept the following terms

1 - Most PUBLIC information of players are stored and we can decide what to do with it.
2 - There is a possibility you are banned from the server, however, they can be appealed.
3 - All cheaters will be dealt with strictly.
4 - Assisting banned users to have access to the server results in a Community Ban (this includes alting and etc...).
5 - Not following the rules will result in a punishment.
6 - DDOS Threats / DOXing Threats or doing the actions = perma ban.

Ok I'm not saying that these should be added, I just figured that I would add these rules directly into the rules. The rules that were added were marked in red. This isn't quite finished s there are some other rules just I'm quite tired and it's quite annoying to do this on mobile.


I really disagree with "you must have a reason to place hits" I feel it just gives the hitmen less to do than they already have.
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(09-08-2018, 11:09 PM)^^tsalB Wrote: I really disagree with "you must have a reason to place hits" I feel it just gives the hitmen less to do than they already have.

I don't agree with all of these but I figured I might as well add them in incase that they are accepted

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