RDM And FailRP


Your RP Name*
>>SCPOGC 05 096

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>>I was building a base as a tramp and this guy comes and starts shooting it and then runs off to hide from me so he can come back when i have built it again, which is what he did a few times. I pulled out my knife and he was a cop so he warned me 2x and i put it down. He continued to warn me even though i had my phys gun outhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/scoibyflaps/screenshot/967597981812056159. He was being very annoying. https://steamcommunity.com/id/scoibyflap...1812070606. Can anyone do anything about it as it is rdm and failrp (because in real life cops dont go around destroying homeless peoples house).
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Yeah, destroying props that are destructable technically counts as a raid and as police this isn't allowed at all, fail rp definitely if this happened


Thank you
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My Response:

The fact you're reporting this baffles me, you should of done @ on the day and reported it this is late.
You unequiped the knife and kept changing but thats word v word
I shot your blocks I admit that but I didnt realise thats failrp, go ahead and warn me for it if need be but I dont minge.
Next time you intend to report something petty do @ And call a admin at the time.

Thank you

Also you may wana get your server rep up Smile
    Rhys Cooper


This isn't really a big deal, I don't think NeZoLyFe deserves a warn for it - but he is now aware of it being against the rules, next time it'll be a warn.
Please use the @ in-game next time to report such things.


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