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Hello, I was banned on the server for 2 weeks thankfully I was given forgiveness and another chance. I have come back on this server and have realised that the Permanent Items system has been altered. I have lost all of the items I had that was permanent and some of the things were removed from the store. I don't know if this was because of me getting banned. Could I be informed of the things that have changed? Also, is there anyway to get a refund?

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Here is a screenshot proving that I had a perma knife, however I don't have any screenshots of the other things.

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This is so sad I only have 1 rep


The perm store has changed, there was a NPC for about 3 days where you could refund the items before it completely shifted. All previous items were removed as they were replaced by the new system.
The NPC was to handle the massive amount of refunds so it depends if you get it or not.
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I did see the old perma weapons store come back yesterday for a small amount of time but you did miss your chance. Being that you have evidence you may still be refunded but it is unlikely.


Update: Thank You for telling me what has happened, even if the chance is 'unlikely' I'm still going to try. Here is another screenshot proving that I have the Classic and Juicy Vape. 
I have a playtime of 2 days on the server but now I have lost all of my assets. I hope I can get my items back. 

Thank You for reading - GoGreen (Milk)
This is so sad I only have 1 rep


yeah man cmon i lost like 15 mil+


ouch i miss perm weapons


Perm weapons are being worked on but they are also OP. So it is hard to decide what to do.
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same except i had about 23 mil worth of perma shit


The perma guns were removed, unfortuntately
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