Night-Time Offenders


Your RP Name*
>> BB Johnzy

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:1:128195626

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
>> Players

What are their names*
>> --Check in pictures provided--

What are their SteamIDs

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> These are a few offenders I caught whilse playing during the night (most happened when no staff were on)

Offenders Name: Lego 
Offense: Propspamming | (IDK if you would consider ATCS) | Those bigger props are of a guy that was banned

Offenders Name: xxo
Offense: MRDM
Evidence: (look at kill board thingy)

Offenders Name: John Ruppie
Offense: Propblock

Offenders Name: tankkiller2024
Offense: Failbase (4 fading doors)
Evidence: |

Offenders Name: Finduz
Offense: ATCS | Propspam

Offenders Name: sasbendi
Offense: Owning base as Swat

Hopefully some sort of action can be done to stop some of these people, 
have nice day, dave.


I've seen this been done and I support this. Hit me up if you have any questions!


(12-08-2018, 12:38 AM)StockoBean Wrote: I've seen this been done and I support this. Hit me up if you have any questions!

I dont mind, but, i see that hard post farming you're doing, wait until tomorrow for more people to post stuff so you can respond with proper responses.


Oh no, I'm being serious I've witnessed it. I was only posting on relevant posts


Most of these are punishable besides the owning base as swat. There isn't really much we can do if they had already went off plus they may not be aware of the rules. Regarding the mrdmer I though tasid took care of that. That's what I saw in discord anyway but that may be green about a different case.


Without a steam profile/steam account it's really hard to find them......
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