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Welcome, Your probably wondering what this new, most exclusive clan is all about right? Let me give you a rundown. We are going to become, an amazing gang inside of hawkservers. From money to raids. We will exceed in what is expected from gangs. It comes from amazing, most neat bases in the server. To megabases with all of our crew in which you wont dare to raid. We protect, and server members. 

Welcome to NYZ. 
If you would like to join NYZ Then please reply below with the application format. You will need to follow the requirements before entering. I will check that you have completed or hit all of the requirements. If you attempt to lie about completing them you will never be allowed to apply again.

-You must be 14 or older.
-Must have atleast 5 hours on the server
-Join the discord ( Ask leader in the game for invite / NYZ Leader StockoBean )
Application Template
>>What is your IGN?

>>What past gangs have you been in?

>>What's your SteamURL?

>>Have you ever been banned or warned on HawkServers?

>>How much money do you have right now?

>>How frequently can you play or go onto HawkServers?

>>Are you staff member or a donator?

>>Why do you want to join NYZ?

>>What qualities do you have?

>>What makes you stand out? E.G. Aim, Building ect.

>>Anything else to add?

Thanks for reading about our gang. I wish you the best luck with your application.
When your with us, Your safe.

-NYZ Leader StockoBean

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ANyone intrested really? lol

I'm going to close this if no one gets intrested. 3 days


you said 3 days, and its still open to this day xd
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