Potato Sit Rooms

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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> Staff

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>> Make small sit rooms far off into the black abyss accessible by a command. 

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> This will enable staff who are having fps issues to be able to take sits with out any interferences from fps. This would be very useful as shown by the flat grass thing above the normal map however it still isn't enough.

Pls no make fun of potato computer
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I mean its a good idea n all
but the way the source engine works by the time you're in sit rooms it stops rendering everything else in, you're hardly effected by FPS
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neutral for this one. Would love to see the staff taking more sits of their FPS was better when in the sit ROMs but sounds like a lot of work

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Actually no, I have a backup potato and whenever I even touched the void I immediately lagged out until I got back into the map. For real potatoes it's even worse then just doing it in regular staff rooms/residential roofs. Or I got this wrong and you want a map change that has small rooms.
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Nah I mean far away from the map rooms.
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I suggest moving them up top to the flatgreen area, I'd do sits there since it gave decent enough fps


We added some. Closed.
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