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Perm Weapons loss after IP-Change


After the IP-Change are all of my permanent weapons gone.

I have the exact same problem as my friend.
We were playing on the server before the ip-change and both had a couple of perm weapons.
I had a Butterfly Knife Tigertooth, a juicy vape and a M4A4 Howl.
I was unable to play on the server for a couple of weeks due to family reasons and when I got back online today my perm weapons were gone.

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We changed the perma weapon NPC and gave 5 days for people to refund their perma weapons, unfortunately for you and your friend can't get a refund anymore


Is there no way of getting a refund, even If I have a screenshot of me holding the gun


No, you can't get it back, as it was said "There will be 5 days to refund your weapons", so unfortunately you can not get a refund as there was plenty of time to get them refunded


You had 5 days to refund any perma weapons from the old system, you missed it. Closed.

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