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You can drop the double barrel apparently, and as police you can drop the scanner, rules are currently broken via the website ones and in game.

I tested ranks on tennis due to beni not being able to drop it but me and tennis could, after dropping his ranks per one each time, he could still drop them, he then died and couldn't. After setting him back to admin he still couldn't but I still can. There seems to be some issues with it rn as it's the only perma weapon i have that i can drop.

Edit: It's the staff on duty thing. After coming on and off duty, the double barrel becomes drop able. Just tested it a bunch and that's the only plausible reason for this happening.


- Anyone with dbarrel in inventory will get inventory cleared
- I'll make dbarrel undroppable, and the scanner.


Found the issue though, it's when you come on and off duty it somehow allows you to drop it. Idk why.


Maybe you should give me a double barrel so I can experiment. I might be able to fix this issue! pls tasid give me double barrel

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